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With DMM finally to a close, I thought it worth reminiscing over our time spent on it, an action packed month long tournament with multiple things happening at once whilst Veng dicking DMM became something that was all too common on the days we played. TLDR will be here, check the pictures if you just wanna see kills, stay for the story if you want a bit of a funny read...

With the tournament starting on the 1st May and finishing on the 30th we knew that we would be in for a huge tournament; the first one to ever be held for longer than a week. With meetings had, teams established and routes for each team to take finalised Veng was ready to go, everyone piled into the TS ready to go on the Saturday with GMT hungry since they got up and the EST unit putting in a huge early morning to be on when the tourny world opened. Team 1 were setup to start fletching and woodcutting with the goal of getting magic shortbows asap so as to make BONK selling them. Team 2 were the Blue Dragon killers, having found a spot to kill blues that was uncontested the job was to feed bones for people to get prayer whilst also camping for T5's. Team 3 were the hellhound team, solely responsible for killing Hellhounds with the sole aim of getting T5's for the clan early. Cut a long story short, Magic shortbows suck and we're never doing that again, we had 10 members in the top 20 high scores for woodcutting and we got the first T5 in game with getting it in 1 hellhound kill just outside the 30 minute immunity mark.



As the first evening was coming up, a huge group PK trip was planned out. Veng pulling up with over 30 vikings dressed in what can only be described as the most disgusting gear setups i've ever seen. Truth be told SV were apparently in awe of the gear sets we used to wipe out opponents everywhere and every member of an open CC in OSRS had a cold shiver run down their spine that someone, somewhere was out vennying them. Red d hide sets galore, dorg crossbows and snares with zammy robes were seen flying all over the wildy. HUGE bank pk's of 10k were made and not a single Veng member didn't have a key to tank by the end of the night. Safe to say Veng ran it, from ditch all the way to Caves and round to easts, the name was becoming synonymous of dieing. "Skatescoot".


Oh, but i forgot to mention. Once we realised that Magic Shorts suck and there's no point to them our 2nd goal of the tourny was met. RANK 1 CONSTRUCTION BABY! WE GOT A GILDED HOW ABOUT YOU????? We thought this would make us bank. Ended up making us a bit but overall was more of a passive money maker once some of the clan flew off. Still though, rank 1 con, rank 1 fletching and nearly rank 1 range all on the first day wasn't a bad feat for Veng. 


Day 2 went a similar way, train skills, PK noobs, Make banks. We moved alot of members to Green Drags and slayer at this point with the previous day written off as not enough money for the Vikings. This, I think i can say, is where the money earners started to come into play. From here on out, it was wildy weapon after wildy weapon. With Graphic, Arty, Zewy and Sybren all getting drops in there name and the whole clan other than Mike on T5's at this point (how many hellhounds was it Mike? ;)) we went out for our second night of PKing. Ran into a few teams on this night, SV, TS and some members of Blazers all around the wildy all of who we fought and came out on top of. Another night, another loot for the boys although not at a cost. Some of the boys did die this trip with Bawv dieing twice on one trip owing 3million exp in range alone back to Jamflex. 


It went on for a couple of days like this, with members Pking bank all over the wilderness and Veng gaining more Wildy Weapons day by day whilst also dropping some members owing to work commitments, dieing 4 times at mammoths on one slayer task and dieing in mutli in full dagonhai because you're Mike... It's safe to say Veng was starting to burn out. Zewy got killed by 61M, some streaming fag killing nakeds, and so there's now a whole rag war to win in OSRS which has given Zewy a lust for playing the game again OSRS to perma rag him whenever in wildy. Feel free to hit Zewy up for help with this as he could use shooters to tage off the tag off there. Back to DMM - with huge stints put in by many of the members purely due to how fun this tournament was for everyone we came into the following 5-6 days with a slightly lower pull than we started with. It was on this 5th day, after Zewy cried one too many times about not having speared anyone into multi yet having paid 350k for a spear on the first day that we decided to finally put it to use. Having speared what can only be described as a BELUGA into multi we decdied to tank the 30m skull out and chill with the boys for the evening. At this point the vikings were down to 10 mighty men, still running shit as much as they could and secure bank wherever they could. 


With the boys now raiding, playing for fun or just grinding out wildy weapons the few left pooled resources and carried on whaling on kids. Bawv gained a Onyx from Tekton and then lost it on leaving the raid to a pker, Mesh kinda whaled around doing non vengeance things whilst saying he was Veng and Zewy died twice in Cyclops's after getting his 32nd D Defender and saying that no one can kill him down there. Also big shout out to Chunky for killing a dude a week after he flamed Zewy for not leaving his spot. Safe to say you're never safe from Veng.


 It was at this point, the two remaining players myself and bawv ended up grinding for final hour and hoping for the best. We ended up both getting split up with Bawv going to Anna and me going to Fally. Fally got smoked and Bawv almost made it to the Finals but unfortunately died :( RIP BAWV. 

There was waaaaaay too much shit to put in this topic, most of the clan breaking, multiple people pulling such long shifts that their arse cheeks imprint are still embedded in there chair and some stupidly funny soundboards to go with it. For anyone that didn't play this tournament i'd highly recommend playing the next one, whether it's to PK and not care about the finals at all or to try your hand at getting into the finals and grinding it out in general. 








































All in all a sick tourny for VENG. #SCOOTED #VengOnMyChest #UndisputedNumber1's 

Until Next time boys! It's been a pleasure! 

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Scootland will rise again friends! Was a pleasure to sweat with you all and gg all who went above and  beyond you know who you are 

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What a tournament fair play to all the boys for pulling up and shoutout to the ones who stayed right till the very end

Big plans for next DMM i'm sure. Overall was a sick week for me playing finishing with a 123-3KD dont ask about the deaths 

Great topic @PATRON

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This was INSANE, when I get home I’ll post the full vids of dat 1/2 pk trips just so we can relive the laughter

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Wish it was only 2 weeks so most of us wouldn't burn out. That being said the first couple of days were probably the most fun I've ever had on this game and I'm sure a lot of us will say the same. Cant wait for the next one!


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Yup, the most fun times on runescape, are always those first few days in dmm, so much nostalgia pking in red dhide and fucking wizard robes. Had a blast boys, until the next one!

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What a topic, guys this might have been some of the most fun I had on the game, cannot wait for the next Torn! 
Until the next Skatescoot adventure! 

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beastly post bro, GJ.  Was fin whilst it lasted, GZ to all the homies that made it to finals day

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Great post, almost feels like I was there. Fortunately without the side effect of actually having to grind for MSB's :P

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