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  2. Toxic Tuesday EST Does it again.

    haha i love it "toxic tuesday" awesome loot and kills. Hoping i can join in on the action sometime soon.
  3. All Around Zerker Guide

    this is a dope zerker guide im gunna have to implement some of the things mentioned into my current zerker build. Its cool to actually be able to see the max combat level with all builds too.
  4. one last skulltrick before bedtime lol

    wow thats nice ! Congrats on the loot
  5. Devo's return tab guide for all builds

    This is an awesome guide, will have to make my return tab around this. thank you.
  6. This is a super dope spreadsheet. Awesome guide i followed one super similar in content but i really like the layout and easyness of the spreadsheet.
  7. Dropshipping Business ( 6 Figures Generated At 21 )

    thats awesome. One of my good friends does something super similar and its crazy how successful he is. Would love to get into in the future.
  8. Mini EST Trip - Thursday Edition

    These trips look like a lot of fun! great post.
  9. EoM Highlights - November 2019

    These clips are awesome... hoping i can be apart of them eventually.
  10. Today
  11. i decided to do some pvp, quite nice streak and gotta add all g maul moneys to this, so total will be about 16m-18m or something like that. stopped after i died once for 1m set lol.
  12. Yesterday
  13. D Spear - extra motivation

    You’re welcome for my service. 60 attack probs 😂😂😂
  14. always feels good maxi
  15. great achievement! gj! good luck on the hunter grind, keep up the birdnest grind whilst slayering!
  16. It's main szn

    Who is this failed main
  17. Oh dude gratz on maxing out! Big achievement
  18. Shit son I hate bursting so much big gratz
  19. Congrats! Enjoy the hunter grind 😉
  20. Pk 17

    that was sick
  21. Finally maxed out my combat stats for my build, only about 6 months behind schedule. Hopefully I'll get the hunter and slayer level required for mm2 before 2021, and then app for Veng! Enough of the negatives thoughts now though, Ill be excited about this achievement at least for tonight!
  22. Last week
  23. It's main szn

    Restart account
  24. Strong GMT vikings with another one!

    Vengeance caves, juicy shit out there
  25. Mini EST Trip - Thursday Edition

    ezzz clean trip again
  26. It's main szn

    grats on main
  27. It's main szn

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