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  1. Yesterday
  2. looked fun, all on mobile? im impressed
  3. very helpful post, thanks
  4. I'm slow but have been making progress Just finished the hard Fremennik diaries also, I decided since there's a lot of overlap between the stats you need for those and Western Provinces I might as well. I think I'm gonna try to get 99 mage using tan leather since it's fairly fast and should be pretty profitable which will help me afford some better gear/return sets (well first I have to do the easy and medium diaries but that's np). In terms of quests, I think I just hit the QP req for RFD, so I just need to sit down sometime and do that as well as MM2 and I guess DS2 isn't too far off also. Getting closer to elite void too. Looking ahead, I might try to do the new elf quest too since it seems like you can make some good money from Zalcano, but we'll see- I'm getting pretty burnt out of skilling and questing lol.
  5. was legit shook trying to click to freeze these whales lmmfao
  6. I wish I understood a single word of this but it seems cool lmfao.
  7. i was late night pking with my friend at west drags and this fuck just rags us on his random accs all the time. then they logged in on their pures against my lvl 83 and my firend who was on tb on lvl 89 acc so this is what happened. and btw they flamed my pures glory-rcbow gear just before this shit, stupid rednecks dont know that its not the gear that matters, its the skills
  8. Such a great video local I really enjoyed it, like more than I enjoy my own videos
  9. Last week
  10. Thx for the save boys <3 great vid local
  11. Couple of old vids

    Nice vids u have there
  12. The claw guy dipped as soon as he saw us, what a hero. Good video
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