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  2. I desperately want this.

    THey are well aware of their place in the scene, if we pulled up GMT or EST or combined it would be Game over bless them
  3. Grey's shitty POV against Resurgence

    yup. just trying to be smart, walk around to avoid clumps and spear when a pile is about to be dropped. in this vid only there are a few times where they drop instantly. we need more spears! cheers
  4. I desperately want this.

    Legit fucking fed up I wana hit em even if rot's there. legit morons. fucking Mongloids. bet they lick there car windows sat next to there nans going to supermarket.
  5. Veng single's domination - (no competition)

    GJ too bad i missed it
  6. Today
  7. xo's Introduction

  8. Introduction

  9. hi again lol

  10. biggus achievementus

    gr robbert
  11. Miss my babes

    Great man, we have constant clean action vs Resurgence and Elite Mains are just watching our fights in lobby must be fun being a ROT/SV lapdog XD
  12. hi again lol

    yeah i'm sure i'll have quite the world tour with 3 clans didn't ask lmfao
  13. biggus achievementus

    gz robbert in the chat
  14. Veng single's domination - (no competition)

    Ngl I begged EZ to hit us all day yesterday, they bragged about being in singles, we pked in their dead timezone and wtf happened
  15. Miss my babes

    All is well. Hope you’re dodging some of these huge thunderstorms rolling through lately
  16. hi again lol

  17. Introduction

    welcome man
  18. xo's Introduction

  19. I desperately want this.

    If it’s dumpster quality editing you know introverts was behind it
  20. Introduction

  21. Veng single's domination - (no competition)

    Big respect @Danny
  22. Veng single's domination - (no competition)

    GJ, nice lewts.
  23. I desperately want this.

    Did they mace people and not show loot/spam ty for staff?
  24. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums, shoulder injuries are a bitch. Hope all goes well and we see you in "V Public" CC.
  25. Veng single's domination - (no competition)

    A rare sight to see a mike topic, but a welcome one, easy loot there were so many whales outv last night
  26. Miss my babes

    suppp sickness! all good man! hop in TS from time to time!
  27. I desperately want this.

    the music bothers me.
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