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  2. Introduction

    I love initiated pures, awesome you have one that's maxed out!
  3. Introduction

    Enjoy your stay
  4. Introduction

    Hey man, I like your clanning history! Welcome.
  5. Introduction

    Welcome! Keep that zerk a zerk!
  6. Vengeance PKRIs vs. NL and Res!

    Well done well done well done!!!
  7. Today
  8. Introduction

    That rsn sounds super familiar but I don't know him personally. I have a maxed 75atk med lvl. 75/99/75 and 99/99. All quested besides DS2
  9. Wavy Maze - Introduction

    Welcome to the forums!
  10. Wavy Maze - Introduction

    Welcome bud, I have seen you idle in our cc for a long time now. Hope to see your application soon
  11. Introduction

    Hey man, welcome to the boards
  12. Med Progress Thread

    Oh damn you're all in! Looking foward to seeing your progress til you can join man! If you ever need any help, or have any questions with anything about the scene feel free to dm me on discord. Well done so far
  13. Introduction

  14. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums buddy! pm me on discord if you have any questions! Arty#7830
  15. Yesterday
  16. Introduction

    Hey man! Welcome
  17. Introduction

    idk man mesh is kinda dutch
  18. Introduction

    Hey bro. Welcome to the forums. You'd be familiar with Kenny yeah? AKA Tk7z? Sound like a chill dude anyways. What's your stats atm?
  19. Introduction

  20. Introduction

    Thanks for the warm welcome yall
  21. Introduction

    welcome buddy
  22. Introduction

    Welcome to Vengeance!
  23. Introduction

    welcome buddy
  24. Med Progress Thread

    gl on the grind
  25. Introduction

    Yay Illinois
  26. Introduction

    hi, hope you're better than BA Mesh tho
  27. Introduction

    Hey man, welcome to the forums!
  28. Vengeance PKRI vs Resurgence

    Nice vid gj men
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