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  2. Est squad + Grime btw, good work fellas
  3. Today
  4. god damn 2 agses and a zgs? niceee, lmfao biker planking left right and center, kid might aswel join us will save him a couple a mil a week.
  5. Hacked last week. Bandos tassys 3 way split Arma chest plate and chainskirt back to back. 2 way split. Pk tab it back
  6. Y'all made sum good bank
  7. Nistly got the AGS PK, atta boy
  8. Nice work keeping the hobs off
  9. good stuff sad I had to miss out
  10. Making light work of them boys! wish I could have been there.
  11. Goodwork my brothers.
  12. Holy shit nice trip
  13. Was EZ night for veng good job boys!
  14. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The EST squad went out for an relaxing night of pking. We started altar and moved to caves where per usual people think they are safe once they get to singles. After a Couple hours later we came out with a healthy amount of +1s and filled our looting bags before heading in for the night.
  15. I Miss Bjuj... Yeaahhh i see you peekin :D

  16. Yesterday
  17. great way to start his vacation
  18. tbow and leaf bladed sword. I've seen it all
  19. @Sybren it sure is man! I'd also like to add got a total of 5 emblems from this task as well. Bands $$$ love how you'll get no emblems for 5 tasks then they just hit you with a crap ton lol, ill take it
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