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  2. Died a bunch but was SOOOOOOO fun!
  3. ClanWars Ragger

    Don't know where else this would fit in so long story short this guy "brownjesus" was sitting in 302 clan wars and ragging all the pures and zerks with his maxed buddies which we all know isn't cool.. He didn't like that I koed him and had a vendetta on me ever since so every time I'm in W302 if he's in there he's trying to rag me while praying against me (I'm level 89 he's 123) So anyway as it goes he just got 2 hit with the AGS through pray melee and dropped, now he's salty as f*ck and I needed somewhere to laugh about it
  4. Hi

    hey! Welcome to forums!
  5. hey! Welcome to forums!
  6. Tbh bro if you're going for afk then you arent going to be lookin at the best points/h, your xp/h might be semi-decent tho. If you want to get the points grind out the way ASAP you're better off just going in with all the bosses u have unlocked except the ones that are super trash (more bosses = better points/kill) use the power ups when you can. Taking out bosses from RFD and DT is a huge decrease in points
  7. I get 500k of nmz points for ranged with thomas's monsters over 2 hours
  8. For points i dont really know, never really bothered looking at that
  9. I mean NMZ points, hombre
  10. To be honest I did most of my NMZ for attack training (already was +95 strength), but I got rougly 90k xp/hr I believe, on a zerk with full prayer bonus investment (so no torso, bring, rune gloves n such)
  11. What kinda rates do you get p/h?
  12. Some monsters give slightly boosted XP, but overal they aren't worth for afk training it. I think my list was the following: Me Tree spirit Kendal Vampire Khazard warlord
  13. Was such a fun, different sort of pvp event on this fine sunday I loved it! I might be hosting the sunday event a bit earlier so gmt can enjoy longer of the sudnay trip.
  14. That's all? Don't you get more points by killing more monsters etc?
  15. I can't exactly remember the names but I think it was: Tree spirit, vampire, bear, king roald, khazard warrior
  16. Great night, DK resorted to hitting pures lmfao
  17. now this is an epic gamer moment
  18. Really nice progress and lootations. Some times throughout the day do really work out well!
  19. Need to get around a mill NMZ points, but struggling with the right monsters to kill which will allow me to be pretty much AFK. Plan is to Blowpipe, but happy to do other suggestions. 97 Range account 45 def obviously. What monsters do you kill?
  20. wish i coudlve been.. what time est do you pk?
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