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  2. Range tank for sale?

    if anyone has a ranged tank for sale lmk!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Just 70 defence, or 75 attack and 70 defence?

    bro im going 75 attack 70 def atm, atleast get that
  5. 2019 EoY Highlights

    cant wait to see what we can bring in this year guys!
  6. Just 70 defence, or 75 attack and 70 defence?

    Every person at my level is a 75 atk/def med. sometimes see range tanks too. But 75/75 is meta at the moment
  7. Just 70 defence, or 75 attack and 70 defence?

    What's the single scene like at your level
  8. Just 70 defence, or 75 attack and 70 defence?

    75 att / 75 def best 😉
  9. The Scouting Trip + Bank Loots!

    Nice work boyos : )
  10. The Scouting Trip + Bank Loots!

    Decent smallman for gmt with alot of new ppl
  11. The Scouting Trip + Bank Loots!

    Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight we decided to take a slightly different trip, a special mission if you would to try to scour the wildy finding some lost souls. Massing up the strongest of Vikings we started off at Ven, moved to Vet, then to GDZ, then to lavas, back over to Altar and then over to revs and entrance looking for the only "team" in our bracket. As you can see below, we're now asking for your help in our quest. We found lots of other stank whilst running around but at this point we're more worried about the countless amount of lost ROT *sorry* AV members who are MIA. If you happen to see any of them can you please let us know they're okay? The Veng councils are seriously worried. Loot pics speak for themselves. Wildy smoked, NO one out so we smoked what we could find. GG Veng wins again!
  12. I'm a 60 atk zerk but will be moving to 75 defence as anything less is FOOKING cancer and am a bit bored of this cb bracet. At option 1 I'd be 100cb so would shrek in bh. option 2 just better for a deep wildy in general. Which option should I take!?
  13. Sara GWD Mass

    How did this go Spear :)?
  14. Range tank for sale?

    Looking for ranged tank or 75 def 75 attack med if anyone has one for sale
  15. Brutal Huh/Vibz intro

    sup cuzzo
  16. 99 pray 60 attack?

    75 attack might be the move
  17. 99 pray 60 attack?

    not at all for the build you're going, wouldn't really make sense either like the others stated, as you could get loads other options for combat levels
  18. Brutal Huh/Vibz intro

    Welcome to the forums man, impressive 60 at med infernal capes! hop in 'V public' CC and discord to get to know the community
  19. Coming Soon: The Nightmare of Ashihama

    looking forward to the items!
  20. 99 pray 60 attack?

    just do whatever pleases your mind my friend, but as everyone already said, would be a waste of ur cb bracket and the money!
  21. 2020 Clan Wars Gear Guide

    This explains alot ty <3
  22. Adrolt's intro :)

    Welcome to forums bro! Also my names adam to man
  23. 99 pray 60 attack?

    Lol you guys all have good points..well gf the dream im convenience its not worth it i guess
  24. Brutal Huh/Vibz intro

    Welcome dude! Glad to see you fly in to forums!
  25. Introduction

    Hey welcome. Keep in mind though we're not just a rev caves clans. We're primarily a warring clan that will look for scraps. Your mindset should be a part of the best clan in the scene, and to improve yourself.
  26. Brutal Huh/Vibz intro

    Waddup. Hope you're better than our current FI rejects
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