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  1. Today
  2. some more herkules wildy adventures xd

    haha! amazing!
  3. some more herkules wildy adventures xd

    Yeah i do that alot aswell but when i pop out crystal shield they start running all the time
  4. some more herkules wildy adventures xd

    when pvmers fight back lol
  5. Yesterday
  6. some more herkules wildy adventures xd

    Haha Nice smite m8, im going to invest in a craws bow and do some wildy slayer n pking aswell
  7. some more herkules wildy adventures xd

    Oh dear they were clueless
  8. some more herkules wildy adventures xd

    lmfao epic anti pk gj bro, was funny as well
  9. 99 defence

    Yeah I would love to burst/barrage it. But already 99 mage, and 98 range haha.
  10. 99 defence

    prob chin or barrage on def when not maxed out range and def, if not nmz should be the meta
  11. Vengeance confused at AV's suicide tactics.

    God it feels good when the whole rs world sees how shayte they were. Hard to propaganda their performance. Karma's a b*tch. When you think you can take on anyone but forget how many enemies you've made XD
  12. Inferno or Quit

    Good luck man, keep grinding hard.
  13. 3rd Pet First Skilling One

    Nice. I want that fucker too
  14. 1750

    Damn Nice account mate. I would def recomend rigour as early as possible. Makes a huuuge differense in both pvm and pvp
  15. All Around Zerker Guide

    Great guide man! Fked my zerker by doing holy grail + i did half of Olafs Quest before the update that made it so you dont have to completes the whole Quest to get the diary part done. Did it for the wildy smithing gold helmet diary before it. So no daganoth Kings for me
  16. Vengeance confused at AV's suicide tactics.

    Gj bois, looking forward to ny frist trip
  17. Vengeance confused at AV's suicide tactics.

    Bitch slapped the rot meds around the wild
  18. 99 defence

    I killed moss giants on pirates cove, mainly since I wanted something with almost no reqs that I could do while I ate breakfast in the morning and bank like once per week. I think with the gear I had and no potions or prayer flicking (probably a max of 25 or so with whip) I was getting ~60k exp per hour. I didn't track the loot the whole time, but from 92-99 I made about 20m mostly from ranarr seeds, and also picked up the keys and got 2 bryophyta's staves (which I think were about 5m at the time). Everything else mentioned so far is probably better than this though, I kinda just felt like trying it.
  19. 99 defence

    You can afk sand crabs using max gear (Tent or full obby w/ stick), and divine super combats. It's really really AFK. And, you get around 50-80k exp/hr. Which is pretty good considering you click a few times after every 15 minutes.
  20. 99 defence

    Chin, Burst, Nmz dharok, afk guthan nmz
  21. Vengeance confused at AV's suicide tactics.

    ownage what client is that in the vid?
  22. Last week
  23. 99 defence

    burst in mm2 caves on def
  24. 99 defence

    I did 1-99 whipping ammonite crabs on fossil island. I still have flashbacks 😧
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