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  1. Today
  2. Massed up this fine evening with some elite members of veng Hit lavas-gdz-and glory hill smoking purge on the way
  3. Yesterday
  4. Loads of people like this, 100000000000000% support, would love to see more of these for the clan members
  5. wish i was good at raiding =[
  6. So many fun builds, so little time ;-)
  7. 50att meds are pretty common builds in the bh community actually
  8. I'll be there on mobile just so i can snipe the pet
  9. Most likely be there
  10. It’s Been awhile since hosted a mass raid for veng so I think it’s due. When 5pm est Friday April 26 “Note if you don’t know how to raid don't worry I will be teaching”. Gear set ups: will upload once home in mobil atm. rules: -don’t be toxic -listen to instructions -mandatory splits will only be applied on twisted bow loot -all other loots the receiver can keep for himself or share -u cannot get pet or I will add you to ignore list please watch the below video to get a general sense on what to do. - pm Trae if you have any questions Please post below if you can make it so I can get an ops count. sign ups. 1.Trae 2.Jontuu 3.Origen
  11. last image seen by Wild Might members right before this massacre
  12. Beast, start adding in birdhouse runs, you'll get 60 hunter while training other skills easily.
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