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  1. Today
  2. can respect the grind, keep it up
  3. So much grinding man..
  4. Sweet little vid man! and nice progress
  5. Introduction

    Good too see you man, welcome
  6. Let me know what you think if you check this out
  7. welcome to the forums buddy
  8. Introduction

    thank you all
  9. Yesterday
  10. Welcome to our forums man
  11. welcome to the forums
  12. welcome to the forums bro
  13. Hey welcome man, always love to see Apex guys joining! I'm sure @Siege loves to show you da wae!
  14. 1) What is your first name? Wade (rsn: Wace555) 2) What is your age? 25 3) Where are you located? USA central time zone, GMT -6 4) How did you find out about Vengeance or who introduced you to us? Have seen several wars between you and other med clans, as well as pures. 5) Are you planning to join Vengeance in the future? I would like to, Yes 6) What is your discord username? (include the 4 digits) Currently use TS, I will get discord 7) Tell us more about yourself: I have been playing runescape since 2004. I currently run a landscaping business and work part time as a chef. I don't have a lot of free time but I enjoy pking when i do play. I am currently a member in Apex, but i'm considering making the transition into a rune pure. I am extremely loyal to whichever clan I am apart of. I look forward to getting to know veng members are the community, Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. Wace
  15. Welcome lukas! if need anything feel free to HMU idle into discord & ts & V_public cc
  16. Introduction

    Welcome Hector! if you need any help feel free to HMU idle into V_public and discord/ts
  17. Hey welcome, we do have some people from Lithuania, Estonia and such! @Tadas @Stremmy
  18. aaaand his bank account is huge i guess tho..
  19. creativity at its highest, nicely done mate!
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