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  2. 2008 shooter

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  4. 2008 shooter

    Found a v cringe pk video I made from 12 years ago. I hope you enjoy it. I was a runescape community hero back in the day so I was v arrogant, sorry
  5. Project: Zerk Progress!

    zerker stonks
  6. Metal Spotify Playlist

  7. Metal Spotify Playlist

    metal music, i only like the oldschool metal too.
  8. Metal Spotify Playlist

    Np did this for u & Edgi
  9. Metal Spotify Playlist

    thanks for sharing, thanks for postcount
  10. Metal Spotify Playlist

    Yo figured I'd share my metal playlist with u all a since its one of the best you'll find no cap. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/51ofENjx9RtYb8G5OUZS49?si=aa53kHM0Rw6WElvOtQ5POA Glhf
  11. Last week
  12. pk vid 12 out, enjoy!

    Gz on pet man!
  13. pk vid 12 out, enjoy!

  14. pk vid 12 out, enjoy!

    nice man
  15. Project: Zerk Progress!

    pures be like that when they go med BIg gainz tho
  16. For the lads.

  17. Devo's return tab guide for all builds

    The cool kids all have 77 RC now.
  18. The Grind Continues

    😂 Can't wait to see u bolting freaks again
  19. pk vid 12 out, enjoy!

    lasr kill is the JUICE!!! gz on pet!
  20. pk vid 12 out, enjoy!

    Excellent work
  21. Devo's return tab guide for all builds

    Guide posted at a time where the value of fremmy boots were probably not realised
  22. Devo's return tab guide for all builds

    Why range tank has climbing boots ?
  23. Russian roulette by veng

  24. The Grind Continues

    Got my amethyst arrows in the bank ready......
  25. The Grind Continues

    Then the 99hp grind 😍✌️
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