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In-depth mm2 Bursting/Barraging guide | part I

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Since the release of mmII the meta has shifted from chinning in the mm1 tunnels to the vastly superior mm2 location. I've spent a fair few hours down in the mm2 tunnels [Combined I've gained roughly 300m+ xp in range/mage] and even though the mm2 caves have been around for a little over 3 years it still surprises me how many people are "doing it wrong"
The main reason I'm making this topic is to address some of the main misconceptions, provide people with a calculator to determine chinning/bursting costs as well as some shameless self-promotion as I offer mm2 related services ;) Without much further ado, let's get started.


This is one of the main area's where people don't seem to understand how damage per second and accuracy works so let's start with the basics.
Introduction on how accuracy works
Meet bob, our mmII tunnel locked maniacal monkey.
Bob might not look like much but he has some powerful offensive stats. His defensive stats, on the other hand, are pretty shit. As a matter of fact, bob his defensive stats are comparable to that of a "thug"
Ok cool, So what does this mean?
Let's say you were to attack bob and his friends in the best mage accuracy bonus gear possible with a mage level of 70 magic, what is the likelihood of your spell not splashing? If we input this into the dps calculator we get the following result: 98.3% accuracy. This means we will only splash around 2% of the hits. Pretty impressive right?
Maxed mage accuracy


But what if we do the same thing without any gear at all? Remarkably our accuracy is still at 93.7%, meaning that without any gear only 7% of our spells will splash.
Accuracy no gear
From this, we can gather that gear has little to no effect on your actual accuracy at maniacal monkeys. This applies for range as well as a mage.
So what should you be wearing?
The best gear setup you can use is a setup where you optimize your prayer bonus and only sacrifice it for damage multipliers.
The damage multipliers for magic are:
Occult necklace: 10%
Tormented bracelets: 5%
Mage cape : 2%
Ancestral hat: 2%
Ancestral robe top: 2%
Ancestral robe bottom: 2%
Various staffs/wands: Varies
Void mage [elite]: 2.5%
Out of this list, we can eliminate the following items:
Void mage [Elite] Tormented bracelet give more damage then a full void set does and like we previously established mage accuracy is not necessary.
Any staff that isn't a Kodai. Realistically you would want a staff that can autocast, the only item that allows you to autocast and has a damage multiplier is a Kodai.
Best Gear setups [Bursting]
Taking the above-mentioned damage multipliers into account we can establish be following gear setups.
BIS mage & prayer
BIS II mage & prayer
Phone / Mobile bursting
Best Gear setups [Barraging]
*Still needs updating*

Some notes:
You can only achieve a max hit of 30 if you have all the damage multipliers, so for example if you don't have full ancestral don't bother bringing just the hat.
If you haven't completed rum deal for the ring of the gods replace it with a normal ring of the gods or a ring of suffering
There are two main ways to position yourself:
the afk "middle of the room" position and the "shuffle alt" position.
The afk position
The "afk" or more commonly known as the middle of the room position is what the majority of people use to train their magic. I've trained upwards of a 100m mage xp and while doing so I've tested different positions. For afking, I've found that the tile marked below is the best in terms of XP gain for afking. This is a very specific spot in that it's one square of the west wall and two squares of the north wall. In this position, the monkeys cannot get behind you and the west wall and will form a very dense grid east of you allowing for superior xp rates over the normal middle of the room method. It's to be noted that afking should only be done with bursts as there is only a ~20k xp/ph increase if you use barrage while the costs are almost doubled.
The shuffle alt position.
firstly let me explain what mm2 shuffle alts are.
MM2 alts, dancing accounts or follow alts are accounts that follow each other to "null" an npc and thus allowing other npc's to walk through it and stack up. Doing this allows maximizing the xp per cast or throw.
My personal preferred location is slightly different from the location more commonly used. I've noticed that if you use the spot a couple of square east a "rouge" monkey will sometimes block all the monkeys coming in from the west and thus messing with your xp rates if you are not paying attention.
For a video explanation:


This concludes part I from my mm2 maging and chinning guide.
Part II will be about chinning
Part III will be about XP rates, cost calculations and Misc
Edited by Basil

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V nice, pls finish x

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That is one solid guide @basil

Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Good shit dude, well done

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Well written guide and very helpful! Pinning this 100%. Looking forward to see the other parts as well. This will help loads of people out.

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94% accuracy in full melee gear jheez

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Nicely done Bas

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good guide

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awesome guide I shall be using this to finish my 95-99 magic! thanks

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Chinned range there shortly after the quest release and planned on doing mage here shortly. Guide was an awesome little refresher course beforehand, thanks!

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gonna do this for 99 magic

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