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Found 3 results

  1. Was on my way to NMZ while setting up a dream and found some talk about Vengeance while doing so. Enjoy boys. *toxicity intensifies*
  2. Basically ever since pre eoc ive missed this account build. I believe its one of the most effective 90-106 cmb builds in the game. Show you an idea of the past 30 days grind and what has changed since the first day i joined veng. Kinda a basic idea of why you havent seen me much on my zerk as i have been building this/staking and working full time also. 3/2/2016 Day 1 in veng 4/1/2016 1 month later lil ge teasers https://i.gyazo.com/78125ecca414b848e98f4f53cfb47e03.mp4 4/2/2016 update 94 mage! 4/6/2016 realized i havent been doing much other than pking i got some good brid/singles clips though will be editing em when i got 30mins worth. 4/7/2016 late night Thursday pk trip with the boys! 4/7/2016 Went and did a 300m till broke/sleep staking trip after pk trip. 4/14/2016 Havent had much time to be playing recently so not much to update did a few medium tasks and just been doing slayer mainly getting ready for monkey madness 2. Banked a few more inbuned rings and also 5 of each crystal shield (i) and crystal bow (i)'s, going to be doing the 88 str grind after i reach 70 slayer then bursting and chinning 98s
  3. Free bonds!

    weird no one took advantage of this lol alwell.


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