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Rune Pures

Zerks are all about DPS. Their main focus is to be aggressive with Melee using either an Abyssal Tentacle, Elder Maul or Godsword combined with Range to avoid clumping in multi and to hybrid protection prayers. 60 Att Builds always have to bring a Heavy Ballista.


Range Tanks

Tanks primarely focus on Freezing the enemies with Ancient Magic. Being vulnerable in their Magic gear they also bring their Tank gear to easily absorb any incoming damage combined with Range to hybrid protection prayers. Augury Prayer is a must-have!


Med Builds

With the release of the Forgotten Prayers Med Builds have become sufficient in the Same Combat Bracket. The Prayers Piety combined with Rigour or Augury are required to have. They can either focus on DPS or Freezing because of their versatile builds.

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FYI: We’re the first and oldest Zerk, Tank & Med Build Clan in OSRS, founded in 2016.

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