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SavLesauvage Intro

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1) What is your first name?


2) What is your age?


3) Where are you located?

USA - CST Timezone

4) How did you find out about Vengeance or who introduced you to us?

Sharkbrew Discord link

5) Are you planning to join Vengeance in the future?

Hell Yeah

6) What is your discord username? (include the 4 digits)


7) Tell us more about yourself:

I started off wanting to build a zerker and decided to go med, previously posted an intro but since I have changed up the build I wanted to post another one. 

I am currently in Fatality on my pure and I really wanna get into med clanning. Been in the discord a while now and all the guys are chill af


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RSGOLDMINE   Rent Maxed Mains


Hello Danny,

Welcome to back to Vengeance's forums mate :) 

Very nice to see you back here. Hope to see that app soon as well this time XD

Have a nice stay!

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6 hours ago, Connor said:

Question is, WHEN ARE WE SEEING YOUR APP!? haha welcome back bro

Will be apping as soon as mostly quested and reqs are met

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40 minutes ago, Seba said:

Fi Danny as the rank in Fatality? 

I mean I'm an elite not a rank yet too inactive cause of school atm

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