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  1. Next week on toxic Tuesday: we all gender change to girls, dress like sluts. "SLUTS GO PKINGS" The intro to my video will be jonttu's soundboard "these sluts aren't even doing any DAMAGE TO US"
  2. YES PLEASE every Tuesday should be a costume trip imo, if no one else is willing to lead it I will do it.
  3. If u already viewed the topic its re-edited with a video if you want to watch it, it's just highlights so its short.
  4. I’m voting yes, sucks to lose an account or ruin one. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone
  5. we got another AGS smite but kral got it and i don't think he put up a picture.
  6. https://gyazo.com/003efcd5edcf02fb0f83f3b67546456e @JackRegal
  7. More or less its customizable to the point that it's telling you exactly how to do it with overlays and sound.
  8. Sick fucking trip, had a great time lots of hilarious moments BIG Pks and split for the TBer. Good shit all around, got a lot done with the opts we had and covered multiple locations close to entrance instead of staying put. Very proud of my veng squad #vengonmychest
  9. DM me i'll link you the discord if you want it.
  10. Yea, im switching back to exilent tomorrow, more used to it and i know i'm not going to get banned using it so i'm just going to stick with what works. I do have a couple questions about customization about moving stuff to put it in different places but ill dm you on disc tomorrow when i see your online.
  11. 3-0, fucking smoked. Thanks for the free 3rd Age trae, you really are the homie
  12. I fixed the settings where you can hear both parties now and not just me, that shit was super annoying.


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