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  1. I liked the vid : ) keep up the good work dude
  2. It was a real world trade gone wrong. They thought jagex wouldn't find them there. But you did : P
  4. Thank you guys for all the tips. Few more questions. What are my priorities? Keeping my opponent frozen over dps? Get into melee range every chance i get? In terms of prayer is my priority to get my overheads or my offensive prayers? Any recommendations help greatly i read all the comments. thanks guys.
  5. fucking savages!! invite me next time (: twinkleberry
  6. sounds like you really stuck your foot up his ass, way to go Red!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. glad you chose to get augury brother, will make your account so much stronger. come brid against me once you get it : ) or before idc. I added you <3 - a noob.
  8. re schedule please, i'm with yulk. i'd love to be there.
  9. Prayer switches first, okay. any other tips guys?
  10. So, i still feel like i'm not ready for deep wildy yet, or will be effective for clan pking just yet. I could use a few more sparring partners so i can get good enough to join you guys. This is a video of me (mostly) getting butt fucked by multiple people in the clan teaching me: Credit to 78787878, uky, yuke, JackRegal, and Maxed Med for sparring with me.
  11. woah gratz to the guy who got the pet
  12. Can't wait to own you in game... jk i'm bad. WELCOME!!!! - a noob.
  13. Hi

    If you need an ego boost you can kick my ass in NH Bridding anytime add me in game: twinkleberry


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