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  1. Thank you everyone for the welcomes
  2. 1) What is your first name? Chris 2) What is your age? 23 3) Where are you located? United States 4) How did you find out about Vengeance or who introduced you to us? Was at G.E. and seen a med pure trying to recruit a guy and I asked what clan name was and he told me so I kept it. 5) Are you planning to join Vengeance in the future? I for see myself joining Vengeance. I am currently a 75 Att pure with 1 def but pretty much completely maxed with other cb skills. I have been wanting to turn my account into a zerker which is what I will end up doing. Being a pure is getting kinda boring now so. 6) What is your discord username? (include the 4 digits) Ags Monk#4365 7) Tell us more about yourself: I'm a full time dad with my daughter. I work 3 days a week and take care of my child full time as well. I play when I can. I'm always playing during the week after 8:00 CST. On Friday's I take my child to her mother and then im free any of the evening/all night on Friday's. I work every weekend and Monday's Sadly but I would try to come to everything that I can. I would definitely enjoy being apart of this community.


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