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  1. Introduction - DJV

    Thanks dude, definitely! happy to mingle but always great to kick it with fellow aussies.
  2. Introduction - DJV

    We make it work man, upside down is where its at.. didn't you hear?
  3. Hi

    Welcome! Great name by the way.. I have a fiance and little one too bro, know what it's like working around a busy schedule, family etc.. Keen for a revs trip or 2 dude.
  4. Introduction

    Welcome! Looking to be a great community & I look forward to seeing you in game.
  5. Welcome mate, Stay 45 def! Go maxed everything else.. that's what I'm working on.. least it's cheaper to pk with 45 def welfare gear haha.
  6. Introduction

    Hopefully you enjoy the multi pking man, all over organizing a trip with you to get involved with the clan.
  7. Introduction

    Welcome dude, Keen to get into some pking with you!
  8. Welcome! Looking forward to catching up in game man.
  9. Introduction - DJV

    Legend, Thanks man.
  10. Introduction - DJV

    Sounds like I'll be starting the Aussie crew then! 😉 I'm assuming my cb and stats are good to go? New to zerk life that's all.
  11. Introduction - DJV

    Thanks man! Is there a few Aussies on the scene in this clan? Not that it matters but just keen to know how active the clan is when it's peak times for Aussies.
  12. 1) What is your first name? Dylan 2) What is your age? 25 3) Where are you located? Australia 4) How did you find out about Vengeance or who introduced you to us? Google & online 5) Are you planning to join Vengeance in the future? Yes 6) What is your discord username? (include the 4 digits) DJV#7399 7) Tell us more about yourself: Hi guys, The names Dylan & I'm from Australia.. been in the runescape scene since pre eoc, all over the pking for awhile now & have recently turned zerk from maxed 1 defence. Keen on making some bank with a cool med zerk clan through revs, pvm & pk. Let's get some guys! Username is InXperienced if you want to give me a search or say hey in game!


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