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  1. This was the first account that I went over 1 Defense. I have no regrets it brings so much more to the table. I did enjoy the pure scene but I wanted to be able to do more content in the game.
  2. Whoops thought I had that one in guess I missed it. I've heard the name around in game before and google.
  3. 1) What is your first name? Sam 2) What is your age? 25 3) Where are you located? Pennsylvania 4) How did you find out about Vengeance or who introduced you to us? 5) Are you planning to join Vengeance in the future? Yes 6) What is your discord username? (include the 4 digits) TheCleric#4156 7) Tell us more about yourself: I've played scape for many years. On and off threw-out the years but quit for good when EOC came out. I returned to OS when the Grand Exchange was reintroduced. I was previously in fatality for a short period of time before I started to build up my defense. Other than that I am a pretty big downhill skier. Been wanted to get back into clanning so here I am.


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