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  1. My first trip to revs lasted about 4 seconds, then i got the best drop ever...... Dropped to lumbridge.
  2. These are currently my stats. I want to see if there is any other pvm bosses i can do that i havent thought of yet that is good gp/hr. Cheers! I do Zulrah Revs KBD Barrows DKS (rex only)
  3. Congrats, i cant wait to be able to do ToB. But i am well ways behind lol.
  4. It is honestly just bitter sweet. Great drop table, but it is in the wilderness. It is so annoying, firstly the place is crowded on every fkn world. On top of that, The minute i get to the rev caves, I'd last for one kill before a clan comes to kamikaze the world. I had a lucky run yesterday where i was able to loot up to 800k roughly. The second i look down at my phone to read my text, INSTANTLY DEAD. I been at revs for an hour at this point. The second my eyes went off the screen for a second, DEAD! Well i got it all out, now i feel better..... No i don't , revs still tilt me.
  5. I can't wait for the fourth season to come out this january!!!!
  6. Im trippin right now as i read this. LuL
  7. I would burst defensibly at dusts or nechs. OR you can high akch air battle staffs at a near 0gp loss
  8. omg looks like bank. i wish i was there =/


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