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  1. Like yulk said, go practice with some of the clan. Yulk, Maxed Med, Void Range and Three Dot have all taken me out a few times now and allowed me to practice some. It has helped immensely, they're all solid guys and have a lot to offer for you to learn.
  2. Excited to be able to attend one of these!
  3. Pancakes with toppings (lit fruit, whipped cream, etc.) and waffles plain/syrup only.
  4. Currently sitting around 248 at 5'11, and maintaining but about to begin a diet and cut down some body fat. Bench 225X23, 275X13, 315X4, 345X1, Squat 490X8, 535X1, Deadlift 405X13, 540X1. About 20% bodyfat atm, good year long bulk but a little chunky now hahaha. Hope to shred down and get back on a bulk and continue progressing in a few months post-diet.
  5. Congratulations man that's sick, gives me hope that I can maybe one day zerk-raid. Good luck on dem loots!
  6. Like everyone else, some RDR2 now while I can. Primary my Ps4. Basically play any/everything you can imagine but I don't actually have time to so I tend to stick to a game or two at a time.


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