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  1. Looks like a feast can’t wait to get in on this action!
  2. Dam super jealous! One of my goals!
  3. Looking good jealous of that account haha!
  4. Went a bit awol and didn’t really play osrs for a while been back last couple days so grinding those reqs now, meet you guys at venny with a few main mates of Monday was fun haha:)
  5. Literally can’t wait for my account to be finished I want in on this loot!
  6. Damn! That kid be tripping! Easy loot all night!
  7. Aww dk still trying to be relevant haha! Looked easy!
  8. My old tank that I started going main on is called I drink ghb, tbh I’m not sure of his name on rs as I met him when messing about on a private server and he said he was gunna join vengeance on his med level so always remembered, his name on there was ags u2 0 hp and his discord name was 2147m kills not sure if he’s about!
  9. 1) What is your name? Liam 2) What is your age? 25 3) Where are you located? United Kingdom 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Got told about you by a friend when I said I was building a med level:) 5) Tell us about yourself: Played RuneScape forever! Last account was a maxed range tank then got bored and maxed it, always wanted to build a med level so decided to start now, I’m full quested apart from ds2 when I can be assed to do it, should take long to have requirments, irl I own my own sales buisness, looking into starting streaming too so any help on that would be cool!:)


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