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  1. Oda's a really fucking good high risker, but he's too much of a planker. This was in a spawn of 2 days, in which I fought him and got to kill him twice. First kill worth 100M. Second worth 150M.
  2. Yessir, one was smited, other was pked in high risk world.
  3. I've been collecting them lately, lol, lucky, sorry for shit quality.
  4. still gotta get hunter and minning up to 77, but I just cba, ain't got the time, lol.
  5. Voider for max

    technically not max, but its max for rushing in void I guess, I was literally risking about 500k. no idea why he'd keep attacking me. Ags - gmauled him out 22M pk.
  6. hehe, just get them to have auto retaliate on, and have two accounts close, one who'll hit the victim for him to skull on the other.
  7. (posting cuz I don't want it gone and forgotten on my screenshots, so sharing with you boys) I think I was prolly one of the first couple to have one of these, got it on 12 KC. Sold for 140M that exact same moment, chucked it at the arena afterwards, of course, what else would've I done anyways ?
  8. Done easy, I've got my methods, used to do this a lot back in the day. Chinchompa Luring.
  9. I still am to complete my first TOB lol
  10. missed this 1, got 40m on the first one though


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