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  1. Icy is my pick so far i think, this shit slaps
  2. Alright everyone place your bets on the name for the next clan Will makes. If anyone guesses it correctly when the time comes i'll give you 5m. My guess is Triumph. Triumph, although it will at the time be brand new, is the longest lasting most successful zerk / med level / tank clan that has been open since 1993. Your turn
  3. Was fun asf, snipe freezermen unit @Jonttu
  4. Oh i thought you said on your tank, wouldn't be ddsing :P. Anyway the boots are nice since i do a lot of DKs, and they're an unimbued ring of suffering in terms of melee stats for your feet, free rune boots
  5. I don't see the hype behind an ardy cape 4 on an account that doesn't stab anything
  6. I've been tatted for years, cost a couple grand to make sure my artist was the best of the best. The rest of you needa step up your ink game, Connor and I puttin you all to shame
  7. I am largely responsible for encouraging our movement over here, and that was done off my experiences while interacting with the other clans as a captain. While looking at the rest of the scene it was a pretty easy choice.
  8. Come to the hunger games event, its gonna be so fucking lit if we have high numbers :D

  9. Fucking finally I finished this shit skill, swag boots acquired boys It's fucking lit
  10. Sly foxes bamboozled me, think i did alright for the unexpected tank test lmao 40 sec gear time once i opened my bank, not the worst for the state of mind i was in at the time, chillin bankstanding in a group call on disc xd
  11. Congrats man, personally i want to have a baby attack helicopter or a dragonkin or somethin cool but a baby girl is alright too Jokes, try to get some sleep while you still can


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