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  1. Jesus christ GZ man. My buddy once got me b2b rangers on my account pre eoc, they were 6m a pop l0l. Enjoy
  2. Fun fuckin night, GF to the Carnage guys, respect. Maybe next time they'll risk as much as me tho Kappa
  3. This meme was brought to you by waffle gang
  4. What started off as a yolo singles trip quickly turned into a lot more action than the vikings expected tonight. Brawling with Scousers' crew and shortly after some Raccoons from Play Dead brought us some laughs and GP. After our singles adventures we received an invite from Heath and his Paragoons for a just-for-fun, 7v7 smallman single spells fight at Chaos Temple. The rules of the fight got mixed up a bit but it was a fun scrap, we'd gladly do some more of those in the future. - After an enjoyable scuffle with Heath and da boyz, we ventured up to GDZ - finding Torture (?) having a brief return fight against some mains. All in all it was a good time, making some decent gp and some funny gifs to share with the gang. There was some confusion with some of para's newer guys, we didn't know if we were supposed to return to the fight or not - so here's me running from paragon while our boys were waiting to be told if they should return or not It was a fun night boys #VengUp
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  6. To be fair this was for zerks and a super intro beginner thing, as to why there was no mention of any of the actual BIS gear. Lance isn't usable for any of us and Maul only useful for tekton, seems like that part is more for solos Only for people who have never raided before, IMO you shouldn't bother with non void setups until you've learned enough to teach others to raid so I didn't make any mention of it
  7. Hey guys, heard some requests for what type of gear you need to start raiding. I'm throwing this guide together in a total of like 10 minutes so it won't be very in depth, but here is what kind of stuff you should aim for to raid with. Beginner cheap gear setup: ~35-40m. While it is possible to raid with a bit less than this, if you're new to raids you should aim to have this level of gear at least to make sure that you can do enough damage to help out whoever is teaching you to raid. I am a zerker so this guide is for zerks, for med levels you know what gear upgrades you have available. Mid-tier wealth level gear setup: ~70-80m? As we are *non 99 attack zerks/meds/range tanks, we don't get to enjoy how nice the Tent whip is for raiding. Because of this, depending on your amount of GP you can use whatever melee weapon you'd prefer really, Between Blessed Saradomin Sword > Abyssal Bludgeon > and Abyssal Dagger + Rune defender. I tend to use whichever I own for other reasons at the time, like often I have a bludgeon for doing Gargoyles / KQ and such. So i end up raiding with that. *Edit: if some people haven't seen it yet, this ring is the new Brimstone Ring from Hydra, in addition to some kinda interesting magic accuracy proc chance, it has the stats of all of the Dagannoth king rings, unimbued, put together. It also has the Crush/Stab from the Treasonous and Tyrannical rings. I Like it as you use @All Styles in raids, and it saves you two inventory spaces over bringing Seers+Archers+Berserker rings. Rich setup: However much money you have to put toward upgrading beyond the other setups. There are many levels between where I'm at. For example, Trae has a Scythe above what I bring raiding. Up until just earlier today I was using a Blessed Saradomin sword until I got my rapier back. There is obviously a very large gap between my setup here and an upgraded mid tier setup. The most helpful item upgrade you can get early on is the Dragon Warhammer. This helps your team out a lot, increasing your whole team's dps. As for what personal gear pieces I find best, getting to bring a Torture + an Anguish instead of a Fury is a good first start, as well as upgrading to a Dragon crossbow + Dragon ruby bolts. When beginning raids you may want to limit the number of gear switches you bring, such as only one type of boots. It helps you have more food while you're learning, to have an easier time learning to raid. In terms of noncombat skills, I personally value having a decent (75 is an ok start) farming level to help speed up prep before Olm. As long as one or two guys have the 78 (or 90 ideally) herblore in your team, I find it helps more to have people with a decent farming level. If you have neither, start training those stats, and get to picking some vials ;D. This was my 10 minute quick raid gear setup writeup, I could add some more to it another time if this actually helps anyone.
  8. Not my pic but god damn that was fun, great trip lads
  9. Hell yeah dude glad to see this, gonna be lit


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