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  1. Good shit, scroll at the end was dope too
  2. Excited to see your progress dood
  3. All people above and below me need to send dog pics

  4. your loot tracker on exilent is the fucking shit, thats all i really want from a client anyway
  5. Good fucking shit boys, proud of you all me getting flattened at start of r2
  6. Making from DC gives out as much +1s as i have sex with @Siege mom looked ez fellas
  7. l000l easy for angels
  8. Another good vid Jonttu, keep workin on your alt pls i miss you
  9. Loving your small man revs vids, you're puttin in work around here lately man. Good stuff! Angels proud member soon?
  10. 1. Your dog is excellent 2. Thomas ty for bringing this to my attention 3. I had a house destroyed by a hurricane, looks like you have a much higher hurricane defence level than me at least
  11. Nice vid man, love to see more people creating content for veng. One thing I really wanna highlight: ***These guys are legit on a 3 person small man trip and they're trying to keep the habit of in game spam lads, take some notes*** Thats the type of stuff we should all be working on in inners and you boys are doing it on your own time too, good stuff!
  12. wow im so proud to be part of this viking clan
  13. Good music choice, nice dude


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