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  1. gotta do my research for the local news
  2. Destiny had another in house Zerk/Med level brid tournament tonight, and here's some highlights of my POV: The tourney we had with you guys was really fun a few weeks ago, and I'd love to have another joint operation again sometime! Unfortunately my clicks are garbage, so please judge me on exactly these seven seconds of the video and nothing else kthx:
  3. Maybe we'll be working together on one of these trips in the future for some phat loot :-)
  4. Sup dudes, if this shouldn't be posted here my bad, but your amigos over in Destiny tried our hand at an ancient mace smiting trip tonight and it went pretty damn well for our first try!
  5. Watch out guys he's got really bad breath
  6. I bet Nerf Maul feels even better about his name choice after that first pic
  7. 1) What is your name? Will 2) What is your age? 22 3) Where are you located? United States, EST 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Shottix is w22 ge eye candy 5) Tell us about yourself: Destiny boye, here to bring you your latest rev cave updates
  8. Thanks for lettin me tag along lads


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