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  1. Updated this post. Have finally completed these diaries. @Sybren how are you getting on with them?
  2. Finished Kandarin Hard and Western Provinces Hard and got myself Elite Void. Gonna whack out the Wildy Hard and continue building up my bank.
  3. Glad to be a part of it!
  4. Really fun stuff lads, wish i could have stayed for the last part but enjoyed the multi-spells fight. Can't wait for the next lot.
  5. Jely's my lil nigga, and anyone who fucks with him is gunna catch these hands.

    @modlulz knows we stay strapped.

    1. Sybren


      and my little feet!

  6. Looooooool, I'm not even going to entertain this horseshit haha @moob apparently you were in destiny before me lul. Who was it that recruited you again. Christ. I'm done with this petty BS. Dty isn't and never was a clan anyway, was a PK team, still is. Honestly, hate to be a dickhead, but I can't deal with the illiteracy in the post above. It's actually mind-boggling. Shame on the British education system is all I can say. LOL as regards that screenshot, that's from around a week ago, when I went to the duel arena with @All_Styles and we all lost bank. Idk why you're trying to manipulate screenshots to lie, its kind of sad.
  7. CWA vs TP 3-0

    #vengup Good shit, enjoyed it.
  8. I give it 3 hours before you're banned from Destiny for 'disrespecting your ex clan'.
  9. @Twinkleberry This is what All Styles and I were up against. Glooming and Kwala measure contribution solely on activity and the quantity of failed rev trips they can get going in a given day. They cite recruiting as a measure of success despite recruiting people who actively disobey callers and leaders and refuse to fall in line. All Styles and I were simply trying to get organised trips going regularly where the callers weren't just mumbling through a muffled mic and generally just being disorganised and where people weren't just ragging ballista. I think @KWALA is referring to his trips when Dty closed, on which you're far better placed to comment than me, since I wasn't there, but as far as I was concerned Dty closed and the trips got pretty bad, with generally ineffective pulls and pretty whack callers. Precisely why we thought it best to merge: because the callers/leaders simply didn't exist in Dty anymore. I have never claimed to be the best caller, but I did recognise who could call, namely Local News, Moob, All Styles etc. I recognised who was mature and could organise a discord/clanchat ie. Stremmy, and think I delegated these roles pretty effectively, organising the basic clan structure and setting out rules and gear requirements. Kwala, in the grand scheme of things, contributed next to nothing and he's been bitter ever since about consistently being de-ranked by a succession of self-proclaimed Destiny leaders at any point in time, precisely because of the aforementioned. Its sad really that they've pretty much chased me out with a pitch fork, simply for saying everything I've said above. Its true. Nevertheless, its clear this is just an excuse given, and that the real reason is, and I quote, that I showed support for vengeance that is run by "zewy [who] disrespected [glooming's] clan and showed [him] no respect" and because "vengeance are pussies that stole [glooming's] clan". Sad really. Destiny will fizzle out slowly. EDIT// LOL, even the screenshots Kwala posted from moob corroborate my argument that I always did what I thought best for the clan and didn't treat it as some power-trip vanity project like others. When i couldn't be active I demoted myself and transferred ownership of the discord to the most reliable and trustworthy rank – moob: "Remember when Jely tried to give up leader and demoted himself". Everything I did was in the interest of the clan. Shame it wasn't recognised lol.
  10. Thanks man. I'm going to refrain from replying to anything else on this thread. Don't want to air Destiny dirty laundry all over Vengeance's forums. All I will say, is that as a result of this thread, I've been flamed, called a 'little gayboy', 'disrespectful', accused of leaking discord chats (which i haven't, that was Local News lol) and certain high ranking members of Destiny have approached current Vengeance members seeking to gain my personal information such as my Facebook for god knows what (presumably DOSing). I can clearly see now that Destiny was just a vanity project for those who claim to be contributing. I, therefore, won't have any part in it any longer (not that I'd be able to since I was banned rip). Looking forward to joining Vengeance and smacking up both Resurgence and Destiny. #vengup
  11. Don't have many of the old photos of the total loot, I'll see if I can grab some from moob but @Local_News put together this video when we were in Dty Together. Was really really fun. Veng should get on that shit even just once a month. Fun as fuck. @Twinkleberry I will be applying in the near future. Just building my bank back up since I got cleaned and making my return tab. Have all the other requirements so I'll be with yous shortly!
  12. The only perks of water staff is not having water runs in your inventory. Personally waterstaff and Xerican splashing pisses me off, so I'd go with the ancient staff and mystics. As or1gen said, spirit shield over crystal shield in singles. One of the things that sucks about being 60 attack is not being able to use Ahrims.
  13. Reminds me of when Stremmy got me to do Jad for him ages ago and the only food he put in the inventory for Jad was the gnome ingredients to make a cocktail lol
  14. Great video, lol at the barrage K0


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