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  1. damn son they droppin like flys
  2. Ricks App

    what up welcome to vengeance.. lets go pk
  3. thanks, as do i. i went and pked with a few i wana say monday or tuesday earlier this week. just running around rev cave. good times.
  4. how many does it take to take you down. nice tanking
  5. Thanks lads. means a lot.
  6. BnAkkkkk looot. nice vid
  7. 1) What is your name? 1 ACID Trip 2) What is your age? 28 3) Where are you located? USA 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? OSRS FORUMS 5) Tell us about yourself: 28, Dude. I build power lines in the Southeastern states of USA. Eastern Time Zone. Get to travel alot. Im pretty laid back and relaxed almost all the time. I get on after work almost every day. Love playing Runescape, have played it on and off since classic. Love pking, minus quests and NMZ, pk is all I ever do.


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