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  1. Nice work fellas! Still need to get in on one of these trips here, Just need to rebuild the bank a bit for more gear sets first !
  2. ToB Squad

    Wicked boss! Lookin to help teach people aswell, or just do raids with people who are strong! Currently like 35kc or so. Need that scythe!
  3. Tbh bro if you're going for afk then you arent going to be lookin at the best points/h, your xp/h might be semi-decent tho. If you want to get the points grind out the way ASAP you're better off just going in with all the bosses u have unlocked except the ones that are super trash (more bosses = better points/kill) use the power ups when you can. Taking out bosses from RFD and DT is a huge decrease in points
  4. Loot from Zulrah

    Feelsbadman, Good luck on the grind tho! Hopefully something juicy comes your way sooner than later!
  5. My man, the maple syrup is absolutely legendairy i must say! But definately going with the waffles on this one, Eggos, sheesh; can never ever go wrong!
  6. Haha cheers brother, I feel that! I gotta start pking more tbh fam, been grinding the slayer but shit, need to get into those trips with the gang and fsu
  7. Been grinding for that juicy 99 slayer recently, as well as getting 95 for the hydra when it comes out. Here is my loot tab from before I sold it! Wanted to keep it for 95 before selling, however i really also wanted my own Tbow, so it had to get tossed into the exchange!
  8. Intro

    Welcome brother!
  9. Good luck brother, go unlock that juicy cape!
  10. Thanks boss, I’m a zerk, been with the build for so many years I can’t go anything else haha
  11. After countless attempts and getting to the thicc boss a couple times I finally unlocked kc on Theatre, pretty pumped, first time reaching p3 and first kc. Super clean time too!
  12. Dank loots tonight boys, nice work!
  13. Cheers for the warm welcome brothers! Pumped to roll some on trips together !


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