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  1. nice fucking shit lads, im back now! so pussy is going to get fucked.
  2. Another easy and profitable month for #veng
  3. l00000000000000l until his inet cuts out and hes restarting his modum 500x
  4. Go med if u wanna be able to both edge pk and deep wild, deep wild nhin on a zerk is a nogo
  5. Welcome bro, good to see a streamer join us, you can vid our trips in the future, good content😂😂
  6. Youve come to the right place for a good community, every1 is a friend here
  7. Welcome m8, good to see you joining us soon
  8. Ewa sahbi welkom op de forums
  9. @Zewy we only flamed those in need of flaming. NGL we kept it civil.
  10. @Trae What a beautiful topic, you've made me proud today #flamefriday #sitdownretard #freeschmoke
  11. Gmt gang strong, welcome m8 good to have you here!
  12. Big shooters on the scene #gangshit


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