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  1. good guy winne, you'll enjoy it at venge
  2. rev Sup

    yo owner grabbin
  3. best of luck to you dude, would recommend swapping out the bss for crystal shield
  4. Intro

    good guy right here and a big pker
  5. Intro!

    ily Sadly i dont have any of my zerks anymore lol, Tank life nowadays
  6. Intro!

    1) What is your name? Cameron 2) What is your age? 23 3) Where are you located? England 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Fortune cookie 5) Tell us about yourself: Currently a member Sovereign but always previously been involved in this med scene And still have a soft spot for it got a lot of good m8s here so would love to get involved in the community and possibly pk trips if and when possible. Ty for reading m8s
  7. AV quality

    Oof not looking good, that’s the same clan that had their members showing up to cwa in addy gloves and snake shoes so it’s probably to be expected 🤷‍♀️ Ot: Nice clump!


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