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  1. :re

    Welcome mate
  2. Ricks App

    Welcome I am a engineer aswelll
  3. welcome mate see you around
  4. yo welcome mate also a intro see you around
  5. Welcome bro.. also a intro
  6. need to get into raid for sure!
  7. some good kills looking forward to some of this action soon
  8. First time pking tonight was really good looking forward to the next time made around 3m
  9. Hi.

    Hi mate. I have a near maxed 60 attack 70def/also making a 75 attack 70 def account what should be finished in the next 2 months or so just gotta quest and get a few stats. rsn: wildernesss/wildernessss
  10. Hi.

    1) What is your name? James 2) What is your age? 27 3) Where are you located? England 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Someone ask me to join few months ago 5) Tell us about yourself: Work full time play osrs in my free time when I am not out. Haven’t been in a active clan since the end of rs3 was in a few clans one of the main ones for few years was (serenityrs) miss the good old days off multi clan pking so thought I would give it ago again will be in discord over the next few weeks to see what everyone is like.


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