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  1. Totally misclicked quote when scrolling on phone so sorry about that but welcome and if you are looking for a home for your pure feel free to pm me
  2. Introduction

    Posting intros everywhere <3
  3. Previously Fi Danny rn it's 2 Def Danny
  4. maxed in a month you must think i dont have anything to do irl lel
  5. #vengonmychest is that a thing?

    if not it should be 

    k bye :D


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Robbert


      on your chest, yes

    3. Thomas


      Just on the nipple

    4. Connor



      Edited by Connor
  6. like all of them started the acc as pure so halfway to mith gloves
  7. Loot from Zulrah

    this is why i stick to pking
  8. This is a pic of my current bank and stats, I plan on getting 60 soon after I finish questing then I can start the slayer grind. Training will be slow because it will be through slayer but as you can see my bank is lacking pretty hard and I need to buy rigour and augury. Any good money making suggestions or any suggestions period feel free to comment them below! Can't wait to finish this account and pk with the big boys.


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