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  1. They need to change the locations of the spells again, throwing me off lol
  2. nice loot thrashing pures is too fun lol
  3. lol Im gonna start my grind for pet soon. I want venny pet on my zerk
  4. Bump! I kind of stopped playing the zerk and was focusing on my main, but long story short, my zerker is now my primary acc and I need a group to pk with my RSN is "75 att zerk" These are my stats. I'm gonna get the 10 post counts and make an app soon
  5. 1) What is your name? Shane 2) What is your age? 22 3) Where are you located? US- Colorado 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Sharkbrew status updates 5) Tell us about yourself: Been playing RS since 2006, been pure clanning since 2016 (SF, Doom, and Rage), pure clanning got stale for me when SF closed around June. I made a main and then a zerker (RSN: CaffeLnated and Caffelnated2) to do other parts of the game like PvMing. Also it's always fun to bully pures on a zerker which is why my zerker is 60 attack and pure combat range lmao. I wanna see how the main scene runs, so look forward to pking with u guys. Other IRL related: I'm a Seinfeld fan (username) and I'm a uni student atm


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