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  1. They fucked up whole zeah by making it too big to even be able to run from bank to bank without inventory full of staminas
  2. I'm probably just gonna stay 75atk for now and see if I wanna change things up later on
  3. is there a big difference in dps and which one do u think is better?
  4. it's the worst minigame gl finding some1 hahah
  5. Asap intro

    1) What is your name? Asap 2) What is your age? 22 3) Where are you located? Finland 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? I met @Sybren when I joined Misfits like 2 years ago. Also seen u guys in the wildy and your aftermaths 5) Tell us about yourself: I've only been in pure clans so far and I'm still currently in mf. I prefer clanwars over wildy but really just enjoy clanning in general. Might be interested in trying out a new scene since I got a nearly maxed zerk ready to go check out my vids xd https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEmXD1uZ-mjvYeY0nwxFhw/videos


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