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  1. brilliant trip, Not only because of the 20m Split but we dominated.
  2. Great Cwa, shame i had to miss the trip afterwards due to work the next day!
  3. Welcome bud, hopefully you post an app! :-)
  4. Missed the pure fight but Destiny was fun, good day for veng!
  5. Intro

    Welcome bud, some nice accounts there. Be good to see you on some Trips soon
  6. Sweet account, Would love to have you, hopefully see you around some trips soon!
  7. Welcome, might be worth sorting the link out.
  8. Goodluck on the grind mate, keep us updated!
  9. Love the fact you want to improve, Nice to meet you. Hope to see you in and around the clan in the coming weeks/Months
  10. decent mate, glad to see another tank.
  11. Nice little refresher for people here
  12. Welcome, Zerks are a fun build! Enjoy the journey
  13. Great trip, worth staying up for but man work today was a grind...


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