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  1. fire boys, shame i cant make these early gmt trips. keep ripping it up
  2. The Battle Ladder

    Application: Team Name: Bexit means Brexit Bracket: 1 v 1 Members: Bavw
  3. this was unreal, so much fun fighting and hunt sparcy!
  4. Decent trip, wouldn't normally pk at this time Gmt but the smoke was too easy i had to join in
  5. The Battle Ladder

    this looks mad
  6. Hail the Tank

    Sick event, Thanks again @Trae tanks can apparently hit 28 with d2h and 20-20 with dds. And you boys say meds are the meta! #vengup
  7. The Gauntlet

    Thanks for hosting @Trae Juntto step up and show you invent when you got tbed.. i'd love to see actually how many supplies you had. Can't wait for the next Clan Gauntlet whos gonna host it???
  8. This is fire, sad to have missed it. Welldoneboys!

    Looks like a lot of fun! #vengup
  10. so much stuff in this i didn't know or wasn't aware of. Thanks for the back story and filling us in with how things went down. I look forward to pking alongside you.


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