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  1. All i can say is im proud of u my dear fellas !
  2. True Finnish Warrior
  3. stay old school till death
  4. Lets goo! Starting to get hands on this editing shit etc, but still practicing more! Got better quality too now! Hope you boys enjoy, gonna be doing more these and getting better day by day so stay tuned!
  5. Yep, will do just wanted test out but when getting clips for veng vid gotta grab better gear than salad robes
  6. Yeah we was spazzing around multi so didnt need to take stress about freezing him
  7. Just wanted test out some editing program and do some practice! Beasting around wilderness with finnish attiude
  8. the win went totally in wrong place it had to come to charity box
  9. Wassup, anyone know a free video recorder without any watermarks/ need to buy license. OBS doesent work on my computer because im using cracked windows 7. if anyone knows where to get one and have some tips feel free to throw em for me heres small vid what i got with trial time recorder
  10. someday we gotta do couple ToB


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