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  1. Pk video #13

    Ill just leave this here
  2. Very nice video goodwork with it !
  3. If someone has not seen / know yet this they updated the Last Man Standing game mode totally and its fun as fuck. Its only in beta mode at the moment but when it kicks to the all servers then we gotta do some nice little event there. Didnt vid first rounds but got some of my final battles Enjoy
  4. This is the guy who trae fighted commented on the video lmfaooo
  5. what that means man
  6. was it 2am and i just got from bed but it was good fight and asked for warm up + when did cwa count lmao
  7. Was pking with the boys @slewwdemm and the vengeance's own NH King trae the butterfinger aka topicdeleter69 aka cant handle this juice. Enjoy this show ps.trae u dont need to be upset of this u did ur best.
  8. Pk Video #12

    Still ballin harder than ever enjoy m8's #Dolphins #Vengup
  9. always love when the king himself makes topic
  10. tanked 3 man respect
  11. Strong single unit, love it


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