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  1. im a singles guy in the making too
  3. naked with torm > void
  4. welcome back man (res is already on life support btw)
  5. ur gear is bis buddy just keep it
  6. dont u dare selling torm lol
  7. team name: SOMALIANS bracket :3v3 members:bawv,origen,jackregal
  8. team name : Don Jack Regal bracket : edge style members : JackRegal
  9. Too far gone?

    i mean @Zewy and @Connor have the last word that was just an assumption
  10. Too far gone?

    its just a matter of keeping the clan a "zerk/med clan" its not the cb lvl but zewy or connor should comment on that
  11. sit idiot

    trae i want some too
  12. when does the coup detat start
  13. well yeh but thing is being able to use ags doesnt stop u from using claws
  14. promise me a rank and i'll be your right hand fin leader
  15. well said.60s are more of a bh/pvp alt it seems(they are beasts at that)
  16. 60att meds are prolly the best alt accounts but if ur main pking acc forget it and go get 75att
  17. msb to d2h with jack missing?i demand the event to take place again when im back
  18. elite void is less dps and thats confirmed
  19. No fairy rings aint worth it and your gear is pretty much bis for you (considering u switch to hides too)As for the method just stay there till you are out of food,tabbing for pool every kill is bad since u are tryna make money
  20. Been a 75att zerk for quite a while and a zerk fanboy since 2009 and honestly just make a med level
  21. I love the 4man pures cleared fall in


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