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  1. we'll get there together bud i have to mention tho (because i think u misunderstood this part)that we pk in multi more than singles so u can already join us there
  2. ToB Squad

    first of all props for trying to teach people.I'd definately want to try tob whenever u guys want but i've done it so far,when it comes to stats im maxed 75att zerk and i have the basic gear(except tbow)
  3. 75att zerk is worse at singles but more versatile overall.What kind of activities are you gonna do with ur acc?
  4. apply

    welcome man it will be fun
  5. good job guys .misfits flaming us after getting cleared on a 3-1 ops ratio was the best lol
  6. tell me where u find them whales i want a piece of them too .Well done dude
  7. Ricks App

    welcome mate :).Lets make this an engineering clan plz
  8. welcome mate you seem like a cool dude
  9. welcome sir the waiting to pk chat is basically a sign that you are available to pk at the time
  10. pk Tab

    also if you wanna add something extra you can add a few leaf bladed battleaxxes and maybe a balli
  11. You can actually get 80attack and stay 100cb but i'd say stay 75 and if u want the upgrade go med.99att zerks are dope accs but i think they lack bit on solo pking.meds are better in edge and i think much better in solo bridding too.When it comes to melee dps for clanning tho i guess 99att zerks are still the best
  12. typical dks trip....and after a few trips u'll get like 3 archers rings 2 brings and a pet in 1 trip
  13. dude its 1/33k for a 7m item lmao.Also i got an elite clue thats 1/1.2k.There goes all my rng for the next few years
  14. we got a hardcore skiller here


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