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  1. ToB Squad

    Hell yeah dude sounds good, i can also help teaching the guys. i just want to have 1 or 2 good dudes with me to teach some ppl, cus its hard to kill verzik for me alone. im not saying im a pro at ToB but im pretty decent, im 13kc atm and wuda been like 40+ kc by now if all my try's wud have been kills. but its hard to find a good team in world 416 with low kc like me.
  2. Once again we go bigdick on the bastards and clean wildy for free looties!
  3. Haaaahahahahah that fucking intro for the topic had me rollin foreaaal!!! xDDD
  4. Always a pleasure to hit avalon! was fun.
  5. #CHOPCHOP baby, what the fuck is a villager? uhm....
  6. Yea was an easy smite if u ask me ^^ hehehehe (the BP)
  7. #SendInTheTroops #Militarymind #Vengaboyz r0fl
  8. #CHOPCHOP we're out here Whats a villager? and pinkboys? hmmm..... cleared once, always gonna get cleared by team #CHOPCHOP we're a strong unit!!!
  9. holy shit that rev loot and zammo altar loot pic was niice stuff
  10. Average CHopCHOP trip... the usual loots, nothing big
  11. OOoooooooOOO juuuuuiceeeee lovin those +1s, good thing i was a part of 2 of them
  12. yea, its not worth buying tbh... ur zerker wud get banned b4 u even get to enjoy the cape, and btw, shit is expensive to buy dude, why not just buy a tbow and go try for urself, im sure u will get better and get a infernal cape one day without buying one lol, and u will have a tbow in bank too, its a win-win situation


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