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  1. Took me 26 days and 5 hours since I created the account 102 days ago averaging around 6hrs a day. . I joined the cc I think the second day I created the acc and its been a grind. Sadly I've started working, and am having irl family issues so I'll prolly only be on 2-3 hours a day, but oh well life happens.
  2. U'd shit on me lol, but I'm noob anyway, gettings b4 learning to brid
  3. good stuff, sycthe next time maybe
  4. Loganville so we got a bit of distance haha
  5. 1) What is your name? Derrick/Guess Im Med 2) What is your age? 21 3) Where are you located? Ga, Usa 4) How did you find out about Vengeance? Just looking around for some chill people to kick it with 5) Tell us about yourself: So I've been chilling in the cc for about 3 months when I first started my range tank. My name was RngTnkBoi and I changed it to "Guess I'm Med. I've been playing rs since around 07 and quit during eoc. I'm a super chill and open person so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Also hmu if you have any real world problems. I've been through a lot of shit personally and wouldn't mind at all offering advice to anyone who needs it. I'll only be around a couple months before I leave for an army deployment. Anyway cheers guys, lets make the best of the time I do have Current stats 43att 60str 70def 91rng 74pray w/rig 94mage 81hp


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