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  1. Looks so nice, huge month for veng
  2. Nice ags pk! Hope I can make the next inners because it sounds like you lot had some good fun... UP THE VENGABOYS
  3. Yulk Intro

    Hey bro! Heard big things from you, hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Good work lads, shame I couldn't be there but nice loots!
  5. Love raiding with ya, welcome (finally) brother!
  6. GMT squad is always the strongest nice work boys, can definitely tell that we're all getting better in scraps
  7. Welcome bro, good to have another EDM fan with us
  8. Easy clears for us, it's obvious that we're getting stronger as a team VENG ALL DAY
  9. So for anyone who was on that revs mass trip today starting at 11pm gmt, you may have heard me talk about my concern over the wasp in my room. But y'know, I was busy murderizing Shittix so I couldn't deal with it at that moment. 

    Turns out that it hatched a plot to sting my left ear at 4am. And it hurts like a bitch :))

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zewy


      I heard the wasp won in the end...

    3. Connor


      Grime cleared

    4. Wolf12433


      l0l imagine being British and getting called foreign 

  10. Saturday GMT PK

    Still can't believe you copped that zgs last second...
  11. SOBER REMATCH, our whole team was smashed.
  13. This was easily the greatest idea in vengeance history


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