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  1. Team name : Best of all Grime Bracket : 1v1s Members : Toilsome
  2. Daym, can't wait to be in on this
  3. I have one word... Oof. (PS cheers for putting me in second round @Zewy)
  4. Loved when we destroyed that whole team within two minutes at altar, easy loots for the pickin'
  5. One of the best write-ups I've seen, love it mate
  6. On a whim after returning from down south, I decided to gather any members or applicants we could for a spontaneous singles trip to the altar. Initially led by Xandelf, Jonttu and I, we quickly ran into action, predominantly in the form of mains. Despite their stronger defence, we gathered speed and numbers (around an 8 man pull) to take down anyone we could find. Towards the middle of our trip we almost managed to snag ourselves a claws smite and a staff risk. However, with RNG working against us (especially for Kosha) both players were left red-barred. Despite this, we were not deterred. At the end of out trip we pulled off two multi smites for a whip and balista. Really enjoyed our trip tonight as always with the singles boys. #VengUp http://imgur.com/gallery/KYSIV4I http://imgur.com/gallery/qXQuALW http://imgur.com/gallery/wNlYaL0 http://imgur.com/a/ArYuQ2s (Sorry for lack of loot pics, I'll do you proud next time Zewy) (Sorry for being shit and not embedding these bloody pictures, I'll do you proud next time Zewy)
  7. Sit down kids

    Biiiiig loots, you should come along to some singles trips when they're on mate
  8. Ty for staff split on my tb @Herkules , sorry I had to dip early against Resurgence but gf to everyone nonetheless
  9. Always love going on singles trips, so glad we have a dedicated channel and chat for it now... really enjoyed the past few we have done recently
  10. 3v3 tournament

    Was really scared of this team until I saw that it had you in it


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