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  1. https://youtu.be/pw3e64sosEg @Trae @Gyatzo @Zewy @Sybren
  2. idk wtf is this again but still uploaded lol
  3. i would love to see osrs team making the client so u see updates from sidebar and highscores. that would be enough for me personally
  4. i agree to that since specially switching positions of prayer and seeing how long people are frozen are just stupid to be helped by client. i dont mind if people see if their stats are still up boosted and clue helpers etc, but these kind of shits should not be okay in my opinion.
  5. so.. i heard that osrs team was discussing about 3rd party clients becoming possibly bannable. what are your thought about this? will it affect you greatly or are you more happy about this for people actually having to learn to play the game? (little provocation xd) tell your thoughts in comment section.
  6. after yesterday that we got hilt and scythe 3 man, now we went to do some tob 4 man. lcuk was on our side again on 3rd raid.
  7. @Gyatzo @FortyLashes @Trae
  8. 3 man scythe

    so... i did one TOB run with alphawhale and forty lashes and we wiped in that. a moment after that my finnish squad mates ask me to raid with them and i'm like "sure, dont really wanna do fishing atm" and we got first hilt in my name and couple raids after that we hit the jackpot on 3 man team. (4th guy was +1 from 416 and he was doing ffa)
  9. sup guys, made a short vid when i was clearing my clip collection to free som space on hard drive,. some of these clips are still from my 60 att times and some are more recent. tested some small edits, but i didn't want to ruin the video by causing someone a seizure with huge amount of flashing lights and warping xD
  10. was doing some motherload mining while questing my new acc and this fucking retard decided trying to kill me. not too wise. (slow af bank because haven't slept in 2 days lol)


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