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  1. got first pet on the account, got black demon task and had one totem at bank waiting so i decided to do it and it paid off
  2. these drops from one task.. and both axes are from rex. https://gyazo.com/f29eb12eb7149a49381e0b7123c1bf35
  3. so i went to do my 4th inferno attempt today and everything was going well until worlds started dcing. i had two dc's before these clips in the caves and i decided to make a short clip of the last two dc's. I also put and ENG sub into video so you could understand what i'm saying.
  4. Mainly PUPG. was rank 358 on EU ranks 2 days ago. FPP ofc, because TPP is for camper noobs
  5. so i went to take a nap after exhausting day at wednesday evening.. put ana alarm to wake me up in 5 hours for pk trip and i slept 7 hours with alarm on lol. guess the body wants what it wants xd
  6. so these lvl 120's just didn't let me get a log to called world and i was 5 min tbed so i just thought, what the hell..waste the motherfuckers.
  7. lol havent even got to tob myself yet
  8. ballista on ground allways warms your heart


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