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  1. When that beat drops, "61" Lol. I came in late, however, I did pretty good damage lol! Tanked their whole team and didn't die once. Thanks for saving me y'all. LOL. Zerkdildough to the rescue lol!
  2. Train it up! I would love to get 99 on my Zerk, But if i do, I'd rather get 77 prayer and 75 def lmfao! Who knows. Keeping it Big Dick for now lol.
  3. Good job lads! Them claws though! Lol.
  4. It's my boy Alan!!!!! Goku!!! Kamekamekamehaaaaa!
  5. Sorry, wrong S oa. Disregard last comment =P <3
  6. This was pretty fun lmfao! They were getting sniped with three hits on the side lmfao! Thanks everyone for showing up! =P
  7. I fucking love you guys!! Lol.. We did justive!! Paragon was hella talking shit when they kill me 1v10 at revs. These mdfs learned tonight! My wife was bitching hella at me... So i coudln't do justice. However, I have 1000% trust in my m8s!! Much love guys!
  8. Boss ass squad!! Can't until this holiday season it over! Gonna be bosss ass Single Mingling and Group Pk's from me!
  9. Lol, hopefully y'all didm't post my main's kill pic lmfao!


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