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  1. Massed up a solid 18 blood thirsty vikings to go hit all the mains in this weekends pure fights. We wwere in contact with several pure clans leaderships about keeping mains from the fights. We got a mixed reaction as some clans were happy to see there scene being cleaned up while others were a bit bitter Gz on the victories and Congratulations on your 13 year Anniversary. Started smoking mains on west of 18 ports then once the fight progressed to chaos altar we switched it up and the rune sets continued to be donated to us.
  2. Connor and Zewy got the hands ^^
  3. Damn bye mod Matt I and they need to improve farming pet drop
  4. Reserved for people who plank during during Chambers of xeric and theatre of blood. Rip Jackyboy 500+kc RIP Nistly RIP Bucshot
  5. Seen logic live 3x he’s a beast
  6. The Legendary Xandalf logged in and the signal went out the greatest veng brids in the clan flew in from all over runescape to get the big payday. Had a solid 8 shooters smoking altar and rune rocks making bank!!!!.
  7. worst luck

    fucking shit loot r u kidding me hit the t bow drop table
  8. nice trip guys looked like you put in work


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