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  1. Today i broke my record went up 1.1bill at the sand casino and achieved maxed cash stack and still have all my items.
  2. Was a fun fight especially hitting all those clumps ^^
  3. Won another Big chuck decided to host Hide N seek R2 for the boyssssssssssssssssss. Prize #1-Twenties Prize2: Nick the Dark Prize 3-Nick The dark Prize 4-Local News Prize-Nick the Dark Prize 6-Twenties
  4. Went up 400m at arena decided to do a hide n seek event for the boys Prize 1 AGS-Gratz Connor Prize 2- Zgs -Gratz Connor Prize 3- Elder maul gratz twenties Prize 4 Devout Boots +10m-Gratz Rob Prize 5 The Final round (Dwarhammer)-Gratz Rob
  5. Today the Boys massed up experienced and non experienced alike to come to my first clan mass raid. Was a ton of fun and hope every1 had a great time The Vikings Vs OLM Gratz to KWALA on the big looties.
  6. Rocking out

    The best of Veng late unit decided to go rune rocks and slay. We pillaged the village.
  7. gave them the smoke add this to post connor


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