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  1. New NH obbymauling babypure's on the block taking Runescape by storm right now. @Zewy
  2. pk Tab

    I'd suggest throwing some ring of duelings/games necklaces in there as well, they both come in handy quite often!
  3. Don't tempt us into shutting y'all down now. #Villagers
  4. Idk about these guys, they don't even have a tru forum
  5. Thank you mate! Glad you're enjoying it!
  6. @Shottix Bob the cat for shottix, in his blocky glory
  7. @Connor Fairy godfather lookin suave
  8. @Shottix KBD with derpy eyes, ft drooling dumb kbd head
  9. I'm so excited to get home and do this one
  10. @TheDark The backbreaking animation from veng
  11. Yeah really depends if you want to pk at Edge or not is the big deal breaker. Talked it over with some clan-mates the other day, and oddly enough 78 attack zerk puts you at 100 combat, so you get access to a lot of stuff if you take that route as well.
  12. @Skullz The greatest cockatrice that was ever drawn
  13. @Asap Thanks haha. It doesn't even take super long I just hate doing it


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