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  1. New NH obbymauling babypure's on the block taking Runescape by storm right now. @Zewy
  2. Nice to see you around my guy, hope to see your account nice and trained up soon!
  3. Nice to see you around here! Look forward to PKing with you at some point, and definitely wouldn't mind doing some bossing either!
  4. Definitely in the right place! All the people in this clan are super fun to PK with and great memories will definitely be made.
  5. pk Tab

    I'd suggest throwing some ring of duelings/games necklaces in there as well, they both come in handy quite often!
  6. Don't tempt us into shutting y'all down now. #Villagers
  7. Idk about these guys, they don't even have a tru forum
  8. Welcome to the site! Hope to see you in the discord and cc, and hope to see you apply soon!
  9. Nice to meet you bro! Hope to see you in the discord and cc, and hopefully active on the forums as well haha.
  10. Thank you mate! Glad you're enjoying it!
  11. @Shottix Bob the cat for shottix, in his blocky glory
  12. @Connor Fairy godfather lookin suave
  13. Hope you enjoy your stay man! Excited to see you on the forums hopefully, and chillin in the discord and cc!


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