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  1. Sybren

    @@Andrew I once had a member/high rank in the clan named Calvin (old name Tank yo hitz / Chariot etc). If that's the same guy we had some good times back in the early days of Veng yeah that's him! his rsn is Abiuro now! he's maxed out now finally
  2. i may attempt it myself. i wouldn't trust someone outside of the clan or someone idk personally The people I'm referring to have done loads of services. Pink Clay for example. Up to you tho. hmmmm interesting. i may look into it.
  3. i may attempt it myself. i wouldn't trust someone outside of the clan or someone idk personally

    dude i fucking love hardcore & punk.
  5. this isn't what it seems lol i'm not asking for a promotion but i have enough social media influence that maybe i could help us out in some sort of way! I'm more than welcome to help so throw any ideas at me and we can go from there if a majority of the clan thinks that's a good idea. Andrew-Amenadyl
  6. just out of curiosity lol is there anyone in here that can get an infernal cape on a zerker?...asking for...a friend.haha
  7. this won't be my last donation lol i just appreciate all the cooperation with me being a newbie to the clan world!

    if he can land a billboard at LAX i might be fucked lol only happened to me once for a burberry ad

    no beef hahaha i love watching my fellow models succeed!
  10. if i don't have 100M + cash stack, i feel broke af
  11. Sybren

    hey Sybren,...do you know a Calvin Kingman aka rsn: Abiuro? he's one of my best friends and he talked good things about you. Just saying. He is is Revenant unfortunately but he had nothing bad to say about Vengeance or you.
  12. im not too experienced so please don't completely blow up on me if i make some mistakes at first. I want to take this seriously!
  13. i need someone to show me the ropes to clanning. i know very minimal but everyone thus far has been helpful. if theres pics of inventory and gear set up someone can post on here that would be very helpful for me for being a newb at clanning. thanks everyone!


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