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  1. welcome to forums my dude
  2. nice account man ! im sure we will see each other soon !
  3. Beer and pking, I love it ! hahah
  4. good to see you man, im new around here, but im sure we will meet up soon enough!
  5. hey larin, used to be in EZ aswell, hope to see you around
  6. gorgeous acc ! I was a part of EZ aswell, former name 'telebloKing', got a 1 KC twisted bow , had a little 4 man split back in the day, good to see you !
  7. hey man ! thank you for your service. we sit in the discord all the time, come around and hang out !
  8. hey man welcome to the community, give me a pm if you need anything !
  9. hey welcome, fellow range tank here aswell rsn "Trust 2 Tank" add me if you need anything
  10. Welcome bud ! im just an applicant myself but cant wait to see you around !
  11. Hey I’m with you on being a new member ! Hope we can progress together
  12. Good luck on getting the HP !
  13. Greg

    Welcome bud gorgeous acc , looking forward to seeing you in clan , I’m new as well!
  14. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome !


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