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  1. but how many wanks did you have while grind all those stats?
  2. thanks for the feedback - updated with 15+ salad and 10+ mystic! often i like to use mystic when pking deep wilderness, and salad when in revs
  3. So i've seen a few new applicants who can't seem to get the return tab right and are missing some items. YOU WILL DIE IN THE WILDERNESS. LESS TIME STANDING AT THE BANK = MORE KILLS = MORE LOOT KEEP YOUR SHIT ORGANIZED SO YOU CAN GET BACK IN THE FIGHT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE I've compiled a shopping list and a few examples of what a return tab should look like for the corresponding build 100+ super combat pots 100+ sara brews 100+ range pots 100+ ppots 100+ super restore pots 100+ stamina pots 50+ ext antifire pots 50+ antidote++ pots 500+ karawamban 1k+ shark or manta ray 100+ pheonix necklace 100+ recoils 25+ black dhide top 25+ black dhide chaps 25+ d scims OR spears 25+ rune crossbow 25+ climbing boots 25+ rune gloves 25+ rev bracelets + 25 ether per bracelet 25+ charged glories 25+ accumulators 25+ varrock painted rune kites 25+ zerker helms or nezzy helms 500+ diamond (e) or dragonstone (e) bolts 400+ black or red chins 25+ rev cave teleports 25+ burning amulets 25+ annakarl teleports if you're a med or tank; you will want mage sets aswell. In my opinion, zerks don't need to mage or have mage sets 15+ salad robe top 15+ salad robe bottom 10+ mystic robe top 10+ mystic robe bottom 25+ blue mystic boots (they are the cheapest) 25+ book of darkness or zammy book 25+ god capes 25+ water staff or ancient staff 5k+ death rune 5k+ blood rune 20k+ water rune 1k+ law rune 1k+ chaos rune 2k+ earth rune 2k+ nature rune a few other items that may prove to be useful in your tab ballista leaf bladed battleaxe mud battlestaff toxic staff of the dead zgs a big fuck off stack of rag helmets such as chef's hat looting bag royal seed pods some other items that you may also need floating in your bank for cwa events zammy d'hide top zammy d'hide legs granite platelegs or rockshell legs granite boots and/or wizard boots spirit shield granite shield ring of suffering (ri) or zerker/archer/seers ring (i) mage arena 2 cape firecape varrock banner rune pouch slayer helm (i) ZERK BANK TAB MED BANK TAB RANGE TANK BANK TAB
  4. man you are crushing that pvm game
  5. FML

    i'd say if you get 47 just go med bud
  6. Dream team

    ayy easy there at least pomz became a man tonight
  7. nice pull last night gatta feed the hungry vikings
  8. iron man w thieving pet nice


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