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  1. flash2: V E N G E A N C E L00000000000000000000000000000L
  2. P R O P A G A N D A
  3. Welcome another big dick zerk! #ZERKPRIDE Can't wait to see ya start fucking shit up with us! :>
  4. Same to everyone! Giving my turkey beer for extra flavor....... :eyes:
  5. Welcome! Love to see the zerks come to veng! #ZERK PRIDE Also what hockey team do you root for?
  6. WE'RE LEGIT SHOOTERS NOW BOIS, #SHOOTERSQAAAAA Goodjob on the trip btw boys! Sad how clans need to call in other main clans to try to deal with Vengeance! hehe
  7. Ah yes my masterplan of making RNG members make rp/med/tanks for veng begins. SYKE, Welcome to the forums!
  8. Hello

    Welcome to the forums! Make sure to hang in the cc/discord to get to know the bois!
  9. Yo yo, nice to see ya back here! #ZERKPRIDE
  10. Ah yes, another person with their zerk being the main account! #ZERKPRIDE Hop in discord/cc/forums and get to know the bois!
  11. Respect, I actually might do this as well once im completed everything on the zerker, very sick cape tbh. Gl
  12. Seba

    Nice account you got there! Can't wait to see you app and join our fun trips! :>


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