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  1. I wish I could chuck 1b randomly and win xd GRATZ THOUGH BUDDY, MAKING IT RAIN $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. Ah yes another zerk, welcome to the forums! Make sure to hang in the cc to get to know the bois!
  3. "No wonder you're ROT Minions" mustve been broken lol. nice trip lads!
  4. Good stuff, if only the fight went on longer :/ Thanks PR for giving the fight!
  5. Great performance by veng bois, keep up all the great work!
  6. Introduction

    Nice to see you intro! Make sure to hang in the cc and discord to get to know boys! :>
  7. Ngl didn't believe you at first lmao, I give other's goodluck but I can't give myself gl. Life is brutal
  8. RIGGGED AF Was fun though, thanks for everyone who showed up and big thanks for trae for doing this!
  9. Another great month for the mighty vikings of Vengeance with more CWA action, big +1's, great singles trips and fights! With more big plans set for the next month, we set our goals to be even higher once again and making the Vengeance Clan Proud. Now, want to see the best of +1 smites and singles pkers loot of the month? Say no more, sit down and enjoy the looties! #VengUp
  10. WTF WAS THAT BAIT ATTEMPT LOL. Awkward af. Good night for the veng bois!
  11. Gratz vikings, sadly I had some errands to do right after work. #VENGUP


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