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  1. Nice solid trip you guys had and fights as well! Keep it up
  2. Good shit, proud of everyone that showed up!
  3. c a r n a g e a q u I r e d
  4. I like this guy. Everything you said is true. They’re nothing but a propaganda clan fed lies by their leaders. Continue on ignoring them actually triggers them, and eventually their members will question why they’re in resurgence and dip out like some of them has. Great post nonetheless twinkleberry
  5. Damn I felt like I could’ve gotten high from all the smoke you guys gave. Gj bois, and gf AE for the fight, sucks a clan had to suicide and rag.
  6. @Local_News do you still like dogs
  7. Unfortunate, but in the back of my mind, can't help but say learn when to walk ya idiot!!!! On the other note, thats quite a graph you made @Local_News
  8. trip

    punch a hipster for me when you come over to the US!
  9. Great performance guys, keep it up
  10. Est is king of toxic Tuesday’s though, great trip noneofthless
  11. wtf where do you find all these whales? lol
  12. getting 99 atk during a war haha respect and gratz! The VengaChads once again popping off! Proud of each of you guyss


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