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  1. These members apps are extensive! :D better to weed out the fakes though!

    1. Sybren


      true it's pretty lit XD they're getting reviewed in time 

  2. Depression

    A coworker of mine was killed a few days ago due to a motorcycle accident. We weren't really close but I have a lot of friends that were tight with this guy and watching them the grieve opened my eyes a bit. It reminded me that that sometimes people are going through some shit in life and don't really have a way to cope or maybe feel like no one can relate. I'll keep this short but the gaming community is notorious for sleep deprivation and depression so please if you are feeling some type of way or ever feel like hurting yourself, reach out to the members here if you don't feel like you can anywhere else. DM me or discord me if you feel like shit and just need to vent cause I idle 24/7. that's all <3
  3. 70 defence I can finally use rigour for the first time XD

    1. Sybren


      woot big achievement!

    2. Siege


      gratz its op

    3. Connor


      ur life about to change for the better

  4. Sorry I coudn't make it fellas but the loots look unreal. Gz on maul and activity!
  5. SHould've let that shit go tbh. Guess it doesn't matter now so you might as well hold on to it and use tf out of it
  6. Damn I’m about to start doing this for a bond 🤣
  7. Lmao daaamn Bigdick crafter!! Gz dude
  8. Gimme da loot gimme da loot!
  9. I was able to pick up an occult on mobile hah thanks again @Trae


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