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  1. Good shit GMT Also @Rag-Queen big step up with the aftermath, I like that
  2. Football topic

    Idgaf about danish football, its terrible. But that doesn't mean I don't understand football. Analytics have praised De Jong. He ran that Ajax-midfield. He is a world-class midfielder. His vision, ability to adapt, movement & passing are incredible. There should be no doubt that if Ajax didn't have De Jong, they wouldn't have made it to the semis in UCL. That is for sure.
  3. Let us all be adults.

  4. Zewy for best screenshotter!!
  5. Football topic

    Mate... De Jong were the reason why you attack would succeed in the first place. He had some insane stats this season. With him and De Ligt gone, you are fucked.
  6. Football topic

    A greasy dutch rat thinking they are gonna win UCL next year when all their players are gone YIKES
  7. Forever Viking bro


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