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  1. LOL 54/45 def the illusion
  2. time to start training str again ^^
  3. i reckon i have the prettiest dog in veng
  4. Yulk Intro

    Hey dude welcome to the forums, glad to have you
  5. Bandos, zammy, sara, can be done pretty easily with the correct setup. Running the room or walking under the boss to avoid hits. Armadyl is a little more tricky but can still be done just not many kills per trip. In the past I have used black chins/spirit shield and elite void and used the corner method to get 3-5 solo's a trip. KQ, KBD, Vorkath, Abyssal sire Wildy bosses Slayer bosses DK's, Giant mole, Barrows Chambers of xeric (raids) Inferno Corp? Yet to test, I have done one single solo kill with 3 DWH specs, hit 20 arclight and do 200 dmg with BGS.. to turn it into a giant chicken, but it took way too long. I'd like to solo it properly some day without debuffing its stats to 1. But atm there is no existing stab weapon that works well enough without giving shared xp... (dragon hunter lance might change that)
  6. nice, soon enough you'll be consistent and raking in the gp
  7. Makes me wanna get addicted to tob again
  8. Woah, congratz on the win. I don't have the balls to gamble :x
  9. I'm not noo don't have the consistency required because I hop around accounts so much :/


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