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  1. Being a main is so fun. Will post update on my other account soon :) 

    1. Sybren


      pvm or pvp? :D

    2. Robbert


      grr grr main grrrr

  2. lmao! They're obviously trying to recruit from the community cc, little do they know half of the people in there don't even pk.
  3. bye veng, ill be back

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jasper


      stay in touch alex! <3

    3. Shottix
    4. Zewy


      Tough hit for veng.

  4. the grind is real.

    1. Struggle


      ayeee, rebuldin bro

  5. aftermath

    GG like 70m in returns, 2 sets of recoloured graceful, kq slayer helm.., imbued rings, salve (ei), over 2b in gear/cash, my dignity. Strangely my POH was untouched and I have a few of my untradeables ... Well it looks like it's time to camp raids till 1k killcount gl me


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