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  1. very nice dude, iv had 1 16m stat and no weps in 18k kc at revs.. stupid game
  2. very nice tab, I need to start bossing more instead of being lazy.
  3. Singles or multi im down, considering I just geared up for the GMT trip thinking it was Saturday #dissapointed :'(

  4. Very nice, always liked the look of this game but never got around to trying it.
  5. Rev caves is where the action is atm bank loot to be made.
  6. PKed Claws

    nice one im yet to pk a set of claws
  7. yup ill use knives if im going to cross bow and msb if im going to bally or something for the spec bar..
  8. welcome back! nice total lvl lol.... dont think ill ever get 2k+
  9. so yeh i was 8 hp he was 25 i had Pid and i smacked him a 25 for the win :D:D
  10. 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555


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