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  1. Soooo my question to you all is, do i go 108 combat with 70 defence, or take the 1 extra combat, go 109 combat and get access to a bunch more shields etc. I originally liked 70 but for the sake of one combat I am beginning to think 75.
  2. Good friend of mine, good luck mate, stay active n all that
  3. good stuff, alot of +1s and alot of loot overall!
  4. Sweet, thanks for all the interest guys! I reckon we can do it sometime this weekend. W6 gave me the biggest headache when I tried earlier and I don’t fancy going back!
  5. I don’t mind doing weekend, got a long one for Easter Brude!
  6. Long story short, somehow got hacked for 50m plus torso, firecape and imbued slayer helm and b ring. No idea how, my computer and email are clean but I didn’t have Authenticator which was dumb. Valuable lesson about security I guess. Anyway I need torso back and almost everyone on W6 is retarded, so anyone want to get a little crew and smash one out quick over the weekend?
  7. Nice work bro, glad you didn’t blow glass that whole way lmao
  8. Welcome man nice to see ya! I like accents
  9. Good luck man. I just went 60-75 attack so that’s a step up for me too. Let us know how it goes


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