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  1. Quality trip as usual showed superior tactics triumphs numbers
  2. You spelt resurgence wrong it's actually spelt S V 😂😂
  3. Lol I've killed that johan twice on my med and I'm sure I've seen him die for staff in another topic
  4. Makes me wish I didn't turn my 99 attack zerk into a main :'(
  5. Smiting claws was a personal highlight for me while on a 3 man friendly
  6. Solid account and the 60 attack meds are really strong build
  7. Lmfao glad our squads catching on #somaliOGs
  8. You went 200 dry so if imagine the next 100 to be filled with looties gl
  9. Yeah I ended up going with the tank but use my med for singles.
  10. Im a bout to hit 1600 on the Anti zerker tonight
  11. Old topic now played both and prefer tank for everything other than singles in which I prefer the med, ended up going 70 def on the 99 attack zerk as I had no use for it , ~Anti Zerker
  12. You can do all bosses, bawv does tob and Cox on his, only one I thought was a little annoying was kalphite queen but in max gear on task with melee on defence you can still get 60+ bgs specs off and big bludgeon hits due to piety


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