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  1. Lmfao glad our squads catching on #somaliOGs
  2. You went 200 dry so if imagine the next 100 to be filled with looties gl
  3. Yeah I ended up going with the tank but use my med for singles.
  4. Im a bout to hit 1600 on the Anti zerker tonight
  5. Old topic now played both and prefer tank for everything other than singles in which I prefer the med, ended up going 70 def on the 99 attack zerk as I had no use for it , ~Anti Zerker
  6. You can do all bosses, bawv does tob and Cox on his, only one I thought was a little annoying was kalphite queen but in max gear on task with melee on defence you can still get 60+ bgs specs off and big bludgeon hits due to piety
  7. Big loots boys I'll be joining youse when j get chance to buy a new mouse :L
  8. awesome drop party came out with the d Warhammer
  9. Don't bring veng if your on a multi trip either range/mage or mage/melee on a med level
  10. Looks solid building a 60 attack med my self just doing the quest grind, keep asking myself do I need another acc :L but they are uber strong
  11. Can see me smiting nearly the full fight dropping prayers left and right
  12. If you stay 75 attack having had both a max zerk and a max med, id say you'll get more out of the med, they dominate singles second to only mains and you can do 90% of pvm but you'll need money to invest in rigour/Augury to get the real advantages out of the med. To counter the med argument, zerks are fun and you can get bis/max gear in all combat styles for alot cheaper than just max mage alone on the med, also that 99 attack scores you alot of kills because in multi providing you get in melee you will out dps all other builds in veng. Also killing mains on 45 def feels baller xD
  13. Few of my kills were from other day but still made bank yesterday keep up the good work #veng


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