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  1. @sybren, please change my forum name to "BEY0ND G0NE". Thanks!

    1. Sybren


      Done, I had to use BEY0ND_G0NE

    2. BEY0ND_G0NE
  2. I didn't say I was leaving, nor did I do anything wrong....yes, I've been playing seasonals, but I recently died twice....still could keep going on easy rebuild, but cba....just got home from work, hopped on forums and discord hoping for maybe a pk trip....but instead my rank has been stripped and I don't have permissions for shit on discord. Okkkk????? Ehhhhhhh whatever...... P.S: I know you did it because I haven't played OSRS in 3 weeks......but okayyyy........not like I vanished or anything.............RIP I guess, GL Venge. Was cool knowing you all I guess.
  3. 100% entered this season SOLO, and still am SOLO! Rank 21 on the whole damn thing. Esssskettitt!
  4. bruhhh l0000l I just came close to my near first death on the season right after posting this up!!! lmfaoooo got away on 27hp poisioned with a teleport after climbing a rope during a slayer task, got so fucking lucky. If it wasn't for my clanning experience, I would've forsure been done already. Wish I had my buddies to back me up. I'd prob be #1 by now.
  5. Idk what it is about seasonals, but it's so fucking fun tbh...last season was my first time getting into it. This season I'm staying in the top. It's fucking lit! I wish Vengeance members would take part of this. This in itself is a way to put Vengeance's name on the map. As well if the clan in itself was to stick thru it...we could have the possibility of bank loot for IRL!! I know people get 100 in clan chat on seasonals with no issues. While I know this is irrelevant to the actual OSRS server....it still would draw attention to us. I don't think this season would be the season, but if enough of us was to do it...possibly next could be Vengeance's first time of seasonals if people were to be interested, it could be a lot of fun. I HAVEN'T DIED ONCE THIS SEASON, YET! I grind so hard on this mode it's redicilous!
  6. I can already see the RNG coming in boys, attack makes your hits much more accurate!! If you're zerk, I recommend it.
  7. ayeee, now just finish it up w/ 99att & magic! Sickkkk! @@Robbert
  8. Thanks bros, and it's still ticking. Also...pretty sure this seems to be the max hit in NMZ, a 42! With whip.
  9. Yes, eventually 99attack, although I'm not in that grind state quite yet. Right now, current goal is 80attack, then 85. It'll build up in time.
  10. Niceeee! Yeah dude, it's so worth it!


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