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  1. @Trae you dooky at bridding
  2. All the time it’s my at work activity lol
  3. Flash2: #T.O.D.D.L.E.R.S #Toddlersonmydick
  4. So far working my ass off on my ironman a lot of huge goals completed.
  5. Application: Team Name: Team Merica Bracket: 1v1 Members: Buckshot
  6. sit idiot

    i want some claws too @Trae you fucking whale
  7. Hey guys as most of you know i play an ironman i recently got 83 hunter and i am on the grind for glories and dragon bones. I am looking to pay people for dragon imp locations and ninja imp locations. I am going to pay 2m per dragon and if glories 3m and 1m for ninja imps. Pm me or zewy on discord if you find either
  8. First pet on ironman 57 agility
  9. For those who dont know i have recently started an ironman to give myself some nostalgia into runescape again currently working on getting graceful then doing the wintertodt grind for 99 firemaking. Here are a few good moments so far on this account.
  10. Arbor you lost my friendship


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