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  1. For points i dont really know, never really bothered looking at that
  2. To be honest I did most of my NMZ for attack training (already was +95 strength), but I got rougly 90k xp/hr I believe, on a zerk with full prayer bonus investment (so no torso, bring, rune gloves n such)
  3. Some monsters give slightly boosted XP, but overal they aren't worth for afk training it. I think my list was the following: Me Tree spirit Kendal Vampire Khazard warlord
  4. Great night, DK resorted to hitting pures lmfao
  5. Welcome to Vengeance. This is where you post your introduction to the community. The introduction gives us some basic knowledge of who you are and what you search into this community. An introduction is also mandatory if you want to become a member of the clan. This is NOT your member application though. Once you have 10 postcount, you are able to see the full requirements of being a member in Vengeance.
  6. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ As our fight with Destiny was rather late for our Sketchy Scandinavians I decided to host a GMT friendly PK trip. We started with 8 and peaked 14, but little did my fellow clanmates know I was very hungry and took 100% of the kills. (No lootpic = no kill ffs) We cleared the entire Rev Caves, and revoking a lot of wilderness permission slips of all the pkers that thought they had permission to enter our caves.


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