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  1. That's actually sick.
  2. pm any of the dutch rats on discord for help Me - Spoontech#6034 @Rag-Queen - @1720 - @Wolf12433
  3. Looks better than a video of killpics ngl
  4. Canon got kicked from literally any clan he's been in, yet he pipes up about being a clan closer lmfao. 17 man pk trip doesn't count if u invite a lot of randoms btw.

  5. I want a video of him creating clumps
  6. Agreed. Btw press 'quote' if you want to reply to people directly It gives them a notification (not sure if u wanted a reply but just saying hehe)
  7. Just train the proper way and don't fuck up. Voting no tbh. Been a zerk for 3 years and never even close to 46 def
  8. The guy below me has no foreskin

  9. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We approached our friendly friends at Shark HQ for a CWA after the P2P sunday, and they happily agreed. We pulled 32 vikings to the fight versus Apex their 38 man pull. After a solid week of inners we felt comfortable and the result speaks for itself. Thanks for the action Apex, one of the only pure clans that gives us action. @pureclans if you think you're better than Apex, prove it and accept our CWA challenge. Round 1: Starting opts: Vengeance (30) vs Apex (36) Score: Vengeance 50 - 36 Apex Round 2: Starting opts: Vengeance (27) vs Apex (35) Score: Vengeance 50 - 49 Apex Round 3: Starting opts: Vengeance (31) vs Apex (38) Score: Vengeance 18 - 0 Apex @Trae pov @Emil pov @angels pov @Twinkleberry pov


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