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  1. Hey Guys, Here is an Excel Spreadsheet i've been working on. Hope it will be useful to some of you. What it does is calculates the exact amount of needed runes for a set # of Casts then calculates that into the cheapest combination and most inventory saving set of runes. Turns out the cheapest combo runes will always be Mist & Lava Runes. The Smallest amount of inventory slot taken by runes when using Entangle, Flames, Charge, & TB is 7 slots. I should be able to add any other spells to the combination if asked- maybe Ancients. Thank you Monkon | Tanner JumpShare - http://jmp.sh/kEAEhJw So using this chart I got these numbers. This is the runes our tbers should take to revs. Using a Water Staff 50 tbs 50 entangles 5 telly grab. 5 inv slots 68150gp. If bring a mud staff it isn't worth bringing telly grab because it takes up an inventory slot. So either Water staff and dusts (5 inventory slots) to bring telly grab or mud staff and no telly grab (4 inventory spots)
  2. Gratz on a big step in advancing your account.
  3. hell yeah, was good trip
  4. Congratulations everybody, Lets keep up the great work.
  5. Gratz man never know if ima get 99 atk yet or not
  6. Would wanted to see the 75 atk zerks but good to compare vs 99 atk
  7. What would the Power Ranger gear set up be?
  8. Ocarina is now the accuracy moon clan ranger!! WOOT WOOT
  9. Choose an unclaimed amulet and build to represent it. Str- Monkon ,ZGS Magic- Poopie ,TBS Defence- Glory- EatTaco, Tent Whip Accuracy- Ocarina ,Crystal Bow Power- Foreigner ,Magic Bow
  10. Trojan Squad

    Go Trojan alpha squad rangers!!
  11. steam name OneeyedTanner feel free to add
  12. arnt columns faster for pulling out gear?


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