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  1. Was fun as fuck boy thx angles max med and nistly for coming!!!!
  2. Well once again the EST Single Squad managed to find the loots with the stronger 4 man pull!! First the boys geared up and we headed to alter ran into multiply free mystic sets, also found a couple pure and of course we found a few BOONERS!! We decided to hit up single strip and found a couple mystic set and couple free bear killers!!! Then we hit up rune rock for the juicy rune miners, then finished the trip off at rev cave enterance!! Thx to the shooter who were able to make it to the EST Single Squad!!!
  3. was easy as fuck to tank!!
  4. Was pretty much a walk in the park id say!!
  5. Was easy!!Still no sight of Res!!
  6. Sunday Cluster

    FUCK YEA BOYS!!!Res can lick my but hole!!!!
  7. Look free as fuck good loot boys Res can lick my but hole!!!!
  8. The Battle Ladder

  9. The Battle Ladder

  10. The Battle Ladder

  11. The Battle Ladder

  12. The Battle Ladder

    team: Wickantor bracket: 1v1 name: nh y


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