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  1. holy shit est squad highest quality shooters in rs ez loots.chain gang strikes again +that back to back 60-71 ags gif XD
  2. https://gyazo.com/9fe94168f43bd9f1bde93ce65e1acf29 - brayen https://gyazo.com/11fba2ef7afe68da834eba851302086c - zewy + 2 = 3 pts
  3. Team Name: Smited That Ass Bracket: Solo Members: ya boi
  4. What Origen said^^ also for zerks east drags and carralanger tele are good spots You can practice first with dds but it’s gonna be tough to get kills as a newby. Will be relatively easy to get smited with 55 pray. Im always down to brid practice at clan wars u can add me rsn: smitethatass
  5. Wtf dog unreal looties. Ez scape
  6. Nice brother I’m gonna throw some clips together soon I got too many xD send best clips to Connor for the legendary veng vid in the making
  7. they just keep coming. pures at 44s getting smited xD
  8. that yulk triple kill cleeeeeezy xD


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